Sep 13, 2012

Infertility~a barren woman's cry...

for Shalom

A Barren Woman's Cry for Shalom
(Shalom-Hebrew for wholeness)

Oh Father, closer of my womb;
Help bitterness to not be my companion,
Help me to keep my heart clean
and not live with resentment.

Lord, the enemy is trying to discourage me,
He is telling me lies.
His lies are hot on my back.
Those lies are causing my heart to ache.

Lord, help me to live fully in your Truth.
The truth is you love me and haven't forsaken me.
The truth is you have spoken adoption over my life.
Truth is, though we haven't been chosen yet by a birthmother,
that we will.

Heart of mine, believe the truth and not the lies.

Father hold on to me.
Lord, I need some encouragement.




Annie Chase said...

May the father of lies flee from you.
Don't you listen to him for one second, that evil deceiver. Oh he makes me SO mad.

I love you mama Comollo, lean on YOUR Father's strength. Live in His light.

Ruby said...

It is a heartbreaking burden. But God.....

HouseOfSmooches said...

Last night during my Bible study (on waiting) I was thinking about how if God had answered my prayers on the "timing" of my children I would not have the precious children He has gifted me with today.

The waiting is NEVER easy. But really you aren't waiting on a child you are waiting on the LORD and that is the best place to be: Psalm 31:24, "Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who wait for the Lord."

I also love, Ps 40:1, Ps 62:5-6, Isaiah 30:18, Lam 3:25 and Hosea 12:6

May God give bring you near as you wait and listen only to the Voice of Truth.


Rhonda said...

Precious post. He hears us, YES! And He will answer.

I must confess I hear some lies too..and they discourage and frighten me. They keep saying "Maybe you are not called to adopt like the others, maybe you are a fake". Usually I go through all of the reasons I know He's called us, all the miracles that lead us here. But still the accusations sting and they come back at a later time.

Until yesterday, on a walk the Lord invited me to just shut the door to those lies when they speak to me. It seems scary not to dialogue w/ them any more, cause I'm afraid not to believe them too! Isn't that crazy of me? Why do I hold on to my fears? I suppose because I have reserved a bit of my belief in them too. (ARG!)

Thank you for sharing your battle too..the one I know you WIN with Him leading you. I know He restores you, He sets your heart back on solid ground. But in sharing- you encourage some others along the way to be strong and put our trust in HIM too. You encouraged me. ♥

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