Sep 4, 2012

Need a Language for your Homeschool- ASL

I took a bit of time away from the blog to escape to the beach with my family.  We had a lovely time, sun every day!  Not bragging just being thankful as the last two years we have got shortened holidays due to hurricanes and states being closed, seriously.  

School has begun here.  Honestly I have lost count of how many years we have been at homeschooling...I venture to guess that this is year 15!  Yikes!  Anyway we are on our way, hopefully to enjoy a year full of fun and great learning adventures.

   As a former student of American Sign Language, at one time I was enrolled at classes at a Deaf school in my state. I can recommend ASL as a wonderful choice for a second language.  It is amazing the technology that is available online and for free.  I took night classes with teachers, mostly who were deaf.  I also was involved in a sign language ministry for a few years at my church. 

 I think this free program would be very helpful to those of you interested not only in a foreign language, but coming to a new awareness of the deaf around us.  Obviously sign language is not just for homeschoolers, but anyone who is eager to learn!

Here is the link to the free online ASL (American Sign Language) lessons from

Before you begin the lessons they offer I would skip down to the extras that somehow weren't given with this course.  This will set you up for better understanding of American Sign Language.  Once you've mastered the alphabet (see link) and the other added bits I have included you will have a great foundation to gaining a new language.

A few of the beginnings are missing from this course,
but with a little extra legwork we can fill in what is missing I think.

click on a letter on the left of this site
and see the word in action

ASL pro (scroll down to activities)

kind of fun fingerspelling widget box
(how fast can you read the words?)

Okay-go forth and conquer!


Valerie said...

Oh, I love this! I studied sign language as a kid. When I was a missionary we spent some time at a deaf church - that was an experience! It was SO LOUD! :) (no sarcasm. it really was) I'll have to check out your links, this is something I would love to re-learn and teach my children.

Annie Chase said...

Some of the links say "site has been suspended."
But I love this! :) I've always loved Sign Language and wanted to learn it but I've never moved past the alphabet.

and now I will prove I'm not a robot…

Kimmie said...

Sorry about the links...the night I posted them they worked (I watched all of them). Seems the ask university links are having site trouble...will keep an eye and preposterous when it is back up...weird!

Check out a site called asl browser in the meantime.
Love you myAnnie!

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