Sep 16, 2012

Prayer and Some Thoughts

Life retraced:

Summer, slowly fading to fall.

remembering a week of camping with family.

family is one of those funny words to me, a word that can me bloodlines, a word that can mean gifts.
either way it is about forever and choosing to love.

remembering how I grew up pretty much without family...
Oh, I had a father and mother, a sister and a brother-
but never any extended family to share life with.

My father left this earth too early-
a heart attack took him from us.
He never met any grandchild.
He never camped with us or
sat around drinking in a slow summer evening around a fire.

I wanted a big family, way down deep in my heart.
I longed for a bigger gathering than what I got to experience in my own childhood.

I am not sure I ever voiced those thoughts, 
but God blessed me.

Though my womb only brought forth one child.
God brought me 7 other babies, some who came at 13 year old baby-hood.
He also brought me friends who became my sisters.
Their children are cousins to my children.
There husbands Uncles to my clan.
Their parents now grandparents to all of mine.

We vacationed together this summer.  
Some in tents, some in old campers,
 many in fancy-dancy campers, 
but all of us sharing a moment of life.

Gifting each other with time,
with memories and with huge amounts of love given freely.

God answers prayer. 

He looks deep within to the prayers that seemed to be unearthed to this world.
He looks to see who loves Him and follows in His ways.
He blesses those who love him.
Do you love Him?

What is on your heart that we can unearth.  
Even if you are unable to vocalize your prayer, 
still He is able to come to you and fill your heart as only He can.

He is the God of the impossible.
He is the Father to the weak and those who have lost hope.
 He loves us more than we can fathom and He cares about the things that we carry deep in our hearts.

do you have something you want to give to Him?
do you have something that you have been waiting for?
 a desire that may be painful to speak, but needs to find a place to be let out?

Come with me and we will stand together, hand in hand ~
I will believe God with you and wait with you in prayer.

Leave me your heart and let's see how He answers us.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

This is such a nice post, Kimmie; and true.

I'm glad you got your heart's desire - God always knows what that is, even more than we do ourselves!

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