Sep 21, 2012

The Heart of a Child

This one delights the heart of all who meet her.
She can work a room like no other I have ever met.
She is joy unspeakable.
If she comes with me shopping it takes ten times as long, as everyone who passes us is drawn into conversation with her. (I kid you not).  I have seen the crabbiest looking person, be gentled by her presence and soften in the heartbeat of her glance.

And this girl loves God.

How do I know?

Well, our words reflect our heart.  Have you heard yourself lately?
Just saying.

From the backseat of the car I heard her very excited voice.
She repeated her words over and over, in a sing song voice.

I wondered why she would be singing this new song. What had happened there in her booster seat on the way to the car wash?  

Well, the story goes something like this:

Her Mama drives an older suburban, nicknamed "The Tank."
Said Tank has had many problems with windows and doors this past year, as she is showing her age.
My little one's window had only moved an inch or two in the downward direction all summer.  My joyous little one was sad that her window wouldn't go all the way down. Her Papa continued to fix doors and windows repeatedly, but the little one's window continued to defy him.

Somehow by small a miracle it went down~ when she asked me to put her window down. 
 Not a little, but ALL THE WAY down!

Her heart was so full that it bubbled out with the song that went,
" Mama,
God is my Hero, God is my Hero.


Rhonda said...

Oh! I want to hug that little one and tell her that He is my Hero Too! What a precious, precious tale. May that little princess discover her Father in such wonderful ways throughout her whole life. May He always be real to her and fill her heart with such joy.

I'm quite sure I couldn't pass by her in a store without being taken by her either. What a treasure.

Kathy C. said...

Wow. Beautiful. Such a different in hair from the sidebar picture.

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