Oct 8, 2012

When Life is Art and Other Randomness

Sometimes life is simple.  Sometimes it is not so much.


Some days thoughts flow freely and blog posts practically write themselves.
Not feeling that today.
Think I need a creative jump start, as I am coming up with nothing today.
Wondering what will get my creative juices flowing again.  
Feeling stuck. Feeling quiet.  Feeling like looking back and spending some time just remembering.


I do love summer.  It is gone now.  

Today I changed out all the sheets on all the beds.  Now all are wrapped in flannels.  Soft cozy, plain old comfortable to be around flannel sheets.  If someone described me like this, I think I would think it was a very sweet compliment. 


The temperature has dropped in my part of the world.  Leaves are changing colors, many are dropping to the ground on the early side with very little color applied to their little leafy selves.
I am feeling that way today too. 

 Dropping, but not offering very much.


Expat Mom said...

I feel this way sometimes, too. The good news is that creativity ALWAYS comes back at some point. For now, snuggle up with those cute kids of yours and enjoy the fall! :)

Karen said...

Kimmie, thank you for sharing a little piece of your life...just the thought of you changing to warm sheets for all your sweet loves made my day! Perhaps you are feeling a little uninspired today, but those few words were enough to make me smile, so take comfort in this: You have such a wonderful heart that even on a day when you feel like you've nothing to offer, YOU CAN STILL BE A BEAUTIFUL BLESSING TO OTHERS!

Anonymous said...

Just being "in your presence" is enough. A visit to your blog always encourages my heart because you share your heart so freely and your heart is so full of Jesus.

Yes, you are flannel to some of us!


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