Oct 25, 2012

Do You Feel Unworthy or Inadequate

Do you remember that elementary saying,
 "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever bounces off of me, sticks on you!"

I was thinking about how this gluey statement reflects on, how we talk to ourselves.  I think we are our own worst enemies in many ways.  We look at ourselves not with grace, but mainly with a very critical eye. When we gaze into a mirror, instead of seeing the beauty God has given us- we pick ourselves apart focusing on every "flaw" we can find.  

you know it goes something like this:

wow, do I look tired.
man am I fat.
i look old.
how did I get so many gray hairs?
i am not pretty.
i am not attractive....

my teeth aren't straight.
i wish my teeth were whiter.
when i smile i look so phony.
my face is so wrinkly...

i am not good with conversation.
i am terrible at small talk.
i never know how to start a conversation...

Have you heard any of these words before?  Do they ring all too familiar to your achy heart? 

Did you notice anything about all of those sentences? 
 Come on...look back and see if you can see it.

It is all about "I" or "Me."

That my friend's is what I am talking about negative self-talk.  If you are feeling unworthy, you are either talking badly to your self or you are believing lies someone else spoke to you in the past. 

Time to change our self-talk!  Time to catch ourselves before we let the thought come out and thus allow it to rope us into to believing it.  Now, I am not saying this is a quick one-day graduation program, but I am saying, that with some effort you can transform how you talk to yourself.  

For a couple of days let's see the thoughts that come to us.  Let's jot them down and consider how they are effecting us both mentally and spiritually.

The Word says we are have to have the mind of Christ (Jesus).  We are also to not let any unwholesome thing to come out of our mouths.  

Now I know that Ephesians 4: 29 is referring how we talk to others, but I think this also applies how we speak to ourselves.  Why do I think this?  Well, I think if we are speaking with unwholesome talk to ourselves (basically condemnation) that we limit the Holy Spirit's ability to use us.  How can we consistently step out to serve Him, if we are condemning ourselves?  

 Let's take a chew at what unwholesomeness actually means:
  • injurious to physical, mental or moral health
  • suggestive of disease or degeneracy
  • offensive or loathsome 
How about condemnation
  • to express strong disapproval of
  • to pronounce judgement against: sentence
  • to judge or declare to be unfit
  • to lend credence to or provide evidence for an adverse judgement against
  • severe reproof; strong censure  
Those definitions are real eye-openers to how we speak to ourselves and what the outcome is from that kind of bad talk. It doesn't build up-condemnation always tears down.
Let's ask God to help us in this area.  I know I need it for my "self" critical eye.  Anyone else willing to step out with me in this area?

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Rhonda said...

Absolutely I struggle with this. I am not currently struggling so it would be easy to brush this aside and not say anything and not take a stand with you, but my self critical-ness comes around with consistency and it is a sad struggle. For me, it has kept me on the side lines in many ways as I feel not as worthy as others to serve, to step out, to be heard to take action in many ways. I see my heart, my mind, and my physical attributes as "less than" when I walk in that frame of mind. It's so easy to see others as the ones who are capable and confident....and wonder why I am not?

The last time I struggled like this, I made a little headway......I didn't surrender to all of the insulting thoughts that I had coming at me from within..and I lifted a limp fist to the enemy......but still, I did not win.

But, I have felt for awhile that it was time to stop walking in those patterns. So, I am with you. Next time, I will put on some armor. :) and I will hope to stand.

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