Oct 14, 2012

On not being Offended

 who was that?

on being a masked super-hero of sorts:

This post is a little about:

*being who you are
(even if nobody knows who that is)

*not being offended

*using your gifts (without fear)

* not worrying about leaving a name tied with your actions!

Ever feel unconnected?  Ever feel unsure or unused as a Christian?
Ever feel like church is painful?

This all ties into the fact that I am struggling a bit with church.  Finding myself wondering about where I fit and if I am in the right spot. I have been with my church for over 15 years, so this is not something I haven't applied myself (or my family) to.

  Spending a lot of time in the Word, a lot of time in prayer, but not feeling the love where I find myself worshiping.  Not that God isn't LOVE or that He isn't there, for certainly He is, but it is a people problem I guess. 

 We have had a major transition over the past year at my home church.  Time has pressed forward after many unexpected changes, but my heart is still aching. 

Yesterday, I went to a women's breakfast at a church I have been worshiping at mid-week with my family.  It is not my home church, but has been a place of healing to some of my wounds. The Pastor's wife was sharing her testimony and I was so interested in hearing it, as she has suffered greatly over the past 2 years.  I wanted to hear how God has led her through the tough spots, which included getting a finger amputated this summer.  My family has been frequenting this church for nearly 4 months regularly.

Post the gathering, I went over to encourage her.  I had spoken to her a couple of times and had been praying for her and her recovery.

After I turned to leave (post giving her the words God gave me for her)...my daughter saw her mouth to another woman, 
"Who was that?"

When my daughter told me, the first reaction I had was pain. 

 But as I sifted through it, I realized again, it isn't about me or leaving my calling card so to speak, as it is about wholeheartedly doing as God says.  I could have become offended, as hurting people often do.  I could have made a decision to not ever return to "that" church again (or I could say that about my own).  I could cringe and decide to not let the Holy Spirit move me to encourage anyone again.  I could decide that I am not going to use my gifts in my church or in any place, as it is just too risky.  

Now all of that may sound childish or extreme, but let's face it, it is what happens everyday to us as Christians.  Offense sinks its claws into our hearts.  It grabs us and slowly hardens our hearts against the things God has for us.  It makes us bitter and angry if we let it.  

How you doing?

How's your heart?

Mine is good. Do you want to know why?

 I made the decision to be a masked man of sorts, one who doesn't care if anyone knows me.  I am willing to serve Him, even if it is anonymously.  After all, this life is not my own, it was bought with a price (i.e. the blood Jesus poured out for me on the cross). I am not going to draw back, but grab my armor and run forward!

Wondering if anyone wants to join my new club of masked woman ministry?  I am going to not let the enemy get me down, but I am going to continue to pursue God (and His heart) with all that I have!

Want to join me?
*feel free to leave prayer requests, as today is still Prayer Request Sunday!


kristine barr said...

Its funny you should be blogging about this today. Our message in Relief society was just about this. How we allow slights to influence our attendance at church or our participation in the events at church. It was pointed out to us that the devil only tries to influence those who are on the right track==in other words, not paying attention to him, but to God. Keep up the good work. Oh yea, introduce yourself the next time you meet her.

Kimmie said...

Hi Kristine;

I had introduced myself in the past...and I was wearing a name tag. ;-)


Karen said...

Oh I like this post! What a great concept! :-) As Jesus said, "learn to be a servant of all"...I think servants do not have the luxury of being offended. They simply do their work. In our independent society, it's hard to think like that! But when I read period novels, it's very interesting to think about "place" and such.

As an aside to this, sometimes I can brush off an "offense" by strangers or casual acquaintances, but it's harder to do so with family members or intimate friends, when in reality I should be extending them more grace then strangers because I know they love me and would never intentionally hurt me (unless for my own good).

On the other hand, sometimes I'm convinced that how I respond to an offense it very dependent on my hormones. ;-)

Anyway, I loved your post and I'm going to try to join you in your endeavor

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you need to move to the midwest. The east coast is notoriously unfriendly. Had you been at my church, you'd be hugged every single time you met a woman from church, whether she knew your name or not, and whether you were in the four walls of the church. You would be helped, invited, prayed for, etc. I truly think it's where you live and not anything to do with you personally!

mom said...

Was the conversation you had with one another gracious? Perhaps she's my age and has a hard time remembering names? I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt because I sure need that myself a lot of the time!

{{{Kimmie}}} Keep being who God created you to be....a prayer warrior! Obedience to Him is what counts for eternity!

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

Hi Tammy

I thought our conversation was fine. Actually, it wasn't really conversaation. It was me encouraging her that she did a great job with her testimony. I shared how excited I was for what God was doing through her. I also reminded her of a word that was spoken over her by a pastor who visited her church this summer.
She had shareds she hadn't. Shared her testimony in10 years.
It was more that she just didn't 't remember me.Which is fine. Just weird. Wednesday night at her church is not greatly attended. We are one of 30 people that come each week. So it was my first women's breakfast, perhaps that confused her.
I am not great with names, so plenty of grace there! :-)


Rhonda said...

Yes, I have certainly had similar experiences over the years, and that familiar "ouch" I have known. For me, it is easy to allow a feeling of being less, or being out of the group or the loop to squeeze at the heart. But, certainly you are walking in truth and peace here and I am with you, too! To see past the "ouch" with love and understanding is a great response....and determination to bless without regard to response is a LOVING and right way.

Thanks for sharing this....love your heart.

Renee said...

Ahh..love your heart. Our Pastor always says, "You can't offend a dead person. I f you are crucified with Christ you can not be offended."

So convicting!

Love you!

Kimmie said...

oops, sorry Tammy...was posting from my Kindle, which thinks it should edit my sentences...it actually does a terrible job!(Kimmie-learn to only answer from the computer!! a note to self ;-)

should have read~
she hadn't shared her testimony in 10 years.

and we all know you only need 't once. ;-) ( *didn't* remember me.)

sorry about the crazy sentences.

judy said...

hi kimmie--i know that ouch. the assistant pastor's wife asked me,"and what is your name?" i was so hurt until ifelt the Lord whisper,"I know your name..." be blessed. judy

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