Oct 10, 2012

Simplicity...my heart & Grace!

Ever find yourself dancing alone?
  Searching for something to fit what your heart is looking for, but not able to quite get it under your thumb?

I think that is what I have been doing lately.  Currently I am in a place of quiet searching.  Chasing after something I hear the Holy Spirit whispering, but not quite sure I what I heard Him say.  Leaning in, just a bit more, trying to sure up the Word.  Trying this door, trying that door.  Waiting.  Offering praise and thanksgiving from the deep places of my soul.

 Digging in.  But still wondering what it is that I am looking for.

I think part of it is understanding Grace.  Not like how to pray at the table.  Not the girl's name either.  Just God's Grace.  I thought I had it.  Grace is given, not earned.  It is the favour we receive from God, though we did NOTHING to deserve it.  So I have been asking Him what piece of Grace I am missing or perhaps misunderstanding presently.  

In my search I fell in love.  I also dragged my Knight in with me, he too fell in love.  The kind of love where you just sigh, because it is good.  Good straight from heaven.  The kind of good that makes you laugh and wonder how you missed finding this sooner.

So what I found isn't the answer i am looking for...
but it is a breadcrumb trail to where He is leading me.

So I share (for those of you who might also be searching or curious) my new love.

 This brother rocks.

 I want to adopt him, scoop him up and stand next to
Joseph Solomon
(just so I can see)
what God is going to do with his life (and gifts!)....
God had me 'bump' into Joe on my path to Grace.

(and check out his other Webisodes! Powerful!)

Good for us as adults (though he is aiming at teens and young adults).
My friends who are parents...seriously check him out!

And Joe if you stumble across me...(my family)
can I adopt you into our family?

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Rhonda said...

Oh, so good. yeah, his mom is so proud of him! I am! Laughed a bit too and he certainly "gets" grace and knows how to share it...I'm gonna send this over to my sons, who will love that fellow and love this message.

So glad you shared this. :)

Rebecca Ann said...

Kimmie thank you for your encouragement in this post! I feel like I am not the only crazy person who loves God once again. ;) Not that I don't feel like that all the time when with my family and friends. You just put it so well that grace is just oh so amazing and sometimes for me its unbelievable, but yet it is. :) That video by our brother was so great too! Thanks for sharing. I had not seen his youtube channel before and I am totally watching them from now on.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

God keeps whispering to me "simplicity!" I yearn for it and am filled to my nostrils with stuff, events, bills, housekeeping, priorities, etc.
I'm pursuing His whispers.

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