Oct 1, 2012

The Darkness...and us.

We all have things that we struggle with in this life. 
 These struggles can become a force of darkness in our lives if we aren't careful. 

 We, as Christians, are bearers of Light (Jesus).  How can we bear that Light into the world, if where we are standing seems to be so very dark.

Well, as this came to my heart,
 I thought I'd offer a list of a few things that might help you step into the Light and out of the hold (or power) of darkness.

l.  Be sure you are confessing sin to God.

2.  Ask the Holy Spirit to search you for sin that you may not have confessed.

3.  Take some time to be alone.  A time of seeking His face and His transforming power.

4.  Spend time in the Word (the Bible).  If you don't have a reading plan, by all means get one.  We need to hide His Word in our hearts, so that we won't sin against Him.

5.  Be sure you ask those close to you to pray for you.

6.  Ask a mentor or a close friend what they think, be willing to share what your struggle is and the darkness that is overwhelming you. (keeping it to yourself only lets the darkness grow!)

7.  Memorize some verses that will speak to the issue that you are struggling with (if you have pinpointed it).  If you can't think of anything specific to which to pin it on, then just memorize some chosen verses.

8.  Make sure you are eating right 
(junk food, processed foods, stuff that just might kill you, well, it just might!)

9.  Take a walk (or go to the gym).  Exercise is good for us, even when it hurts!

10.  Do for others.  
Nothing like finding your way out of darkness by not focusing on self. 
 Love others, serve others and you will be amazed at how quickly the darkness will flee!

Hope this helps...
 we all struggle in this area at one time or another.

  Don't lose hope, 
stir up the Light within you and set that darkness out!
 and if I can pray for you...please let me know!!


Annie Chase said...

This was really helpful and encouraging mama thank you!

Anonymous said...

These are such wise ways to fight the darkness, I'm so glad you shared.

Sometimes we think answers are obvious, but darkness shuts out light. We need reminders.

Beautiful post, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! I have been struggling the last few days with an issue, and your post was another confirmation of God's answer. Please pray I can be light to those have been hurtful. Also, that I might be able to be freed from some hurt in the past and move on to what God has next.
Keep doing what you're doing- God has given you a gift and He wants you to use it! You are reaching people you might not otherwise with your honesty and compassion.

Renata said...

HI Kimmie
Such a beautiful post ~ thanks for sharing! It is lovely to be catching up with your blog here ~ sorry I've been a terrible commenter lately. I really needed this reminder.
Have a wonderful day my sweet friend!

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