Nov 21, 2012

Beautiful Door

~through the door~

On my secret getaway with the Knight last week, we came across a tiny town call Central City, Colorado.  We had such fun poking around the town.  This was a tiny door under the church's main entrance. I was impressed with this wee tucked away town, as upon entering it was a handmade sign listing each of the churches.  Mind you now the town isn't known for the places of worship, but for the many casinos that have popped up over the past twenty years.  

We weren't there for casinos.  We didn't even know that there were casinos when we rented the car for the day and the Knight chose a path through the Rockies to explore.  We came across this tiny town and from the lens were able to paste together a story that began in my mind.
 I imagine that the miners that came during the gold rush in this area, may have knocked (one..two...three) on this tiny door to be let in when they were covered in soot from being deep in the mines searching for Gold.  Yet they stopped to come before HIM, who makes the gold they longed for. 

The miners would have had to bow their head, to manage their way into this tiny door.  How many really sought Him for who He was and not for what He could give them.  How many came because He was their God and not because He could direct their path to GOLD?

How often do we enter into God's house by first bowing our heads?  By remembering who it is we are coming to worship and praise.  How often are we reminded of His holiness and our lack of holiness.  Too often I am afraid we come for all the wrong reasons.  Too often we gather on a day such as Thanksgiving to feast, but not on Him.

Wondering if as we enter into Thanksgiving, if we are truly going to bow our heads to Him.  If we will stop long enough to truly give our thanks to Him from our heart, as we remember all He has done for us.

May you have a blessed celebration in all you have to give thanks for this year.  I pray your thanksgiving continues through the coming days and that your head remains always bowed before God. 

Oh God, may we truly be thankful to You.  May our worship be undivided before You.  May our hearts long to have You fill them, let us not settle for anything less than You. 
(in Jesus' name amen!)

Be blessed my friends~!


Rhonda said...

Love to hear your thoughts, friend. ♥ Many things that I am thankful for....hope you know you are one of them.

Lisa said...

A happy Thanksgiving to you, Kimmie. :)

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