Nov 26, 2012

Moving Mountains Monday (praying for America!)

Hey friends!

Thanks for all of you who said you would set time away on Mondays to pray for our country.  I think it would be awesome for some of you to share your prayers.  Would you write out your prayer and send it along to me...(see my sidebar for my email).  I will happily post each prayer (maybe over the next few weeks depending on how many of you are willing ...think there are 7 of us who said, "YES!")

I will start us today...
please continue to lift up whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to throughout today or this week!


We thank you that You have put it into our hearts to join together for our nation.  Thank You Lord for allowing us to live in this land that was founded so that we could worship You unhindered. 

 Lord, today we lift up President Obama, we ask for You to work in His life to draw him to Your plans and purposes.  We pray his decisions and life would please You.  We pray that You give him a soft heart that would be yielding to Your ways. Lord we ask that you give him a hunger for righteousness. 

 Father, we aren't sure what his beliefs are. We have heard many conflicting things in regards to his faith in You. We pray that he would know You as both Lord and Savior.  Let his heart be undivided before You God.

I pray also Lord for the rest of the government employees that serve our country.  I ask that You would move in the hearts of these men and women, as You have done in days past.  I pray that a revival would break out among them and that they would undoubtedly know You are in their midst always. 

Father, we know all things are possible with You and that You alone set leaders into their positions.  Guide their lives and hearts in ways that would bring our country back into a firm unshakable trust in you.  Let our government be clay in Your mighty hands.  Save America Lord God!

Lord, continue to stir our hearts to stand in prayer.  Help us to know how to pray and remind us of the "Yes" we have said to You.  Father I confess already that the devil has tried to keep me from serving You in this today.  He has tried to set so many other things in my path today and slowly the day began to slip away.  I thank You for the reminder to get this going today and that You indeed lead and guide Your people as they submit to You.

Lord, glorify Yourself in America and in all of our lives.  Make Your name glorious and known here in this great land.  

We thank You Father in Jesus' name, amen.

and if anyone else wants to take a Moving Mountains Monday pledge with us...
please leave us a note in the comments!

thank you again for not making me stand alone here.

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Rhonda said...

Wonderful! Loved to see this post this morning and loved knowing I was praying with all of you on Monday for our president, our leaders, and our country.
Thanks again, Kimmie, for stepping up to lead this as you have. ♥♥

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