Dec 20, 2012

For My Deaf friends...Bible Resources

Sharing my heart and 
my love of His Word going into all the World...
to my non-deaf friends:  Did you know that the Deaf do not have the complete Bible translated into print, in their language.
 for the American Deaf that would be~American Sign Language.

These links are to help my Deaf friends (all over the world). 
 It will offer you help in understanding God's Word (The Bible). 
 I am praying for you. 

Deaf Missions (help page for the Bible)
ASL Bible Version (dvd format)

 The Bible tells us that God will teach us by His Spirit.  Pray and ask His Spirit to come and teach you.  He will.  Start by confessing sin (wrong things we do).  Ask Him to forgive you.  Ask Him to teach you.  Believe that God will. Do this before you begin to read the Bible.

Reading our Bible is something we need to do everyday. It helps us grow as Christians.  It strengthens our trust (faith) in Him.
  We also need to pray.  Prayer is talking to God.  We pray to the Father God through His Son (Jesus).  The Holy Spirit comes to us and helps us.

Praying you will seek God and His Word.  I pray that you will make time daily to be in His Word.  I pray that you will grow in your faith (trust) in Him.  
Want to read through the New Testament in a is the plan
Print it out and follow it.

Deaf Missions is currently working on a Bible in ASL...
keep praying for it to be completed!

Bless you sweet friends!

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