Dec 10, 2012

Moving Mountains Monday-PRAYER!

Welcome to Moving Mountains Monday...
a day where we set aside time to pray for America!

Will you join me, as the Bible clearly says that Jesus will join us if two or more are gathered together in His Name.  I'm here...please leave me a note to tell me that you are coming along today and inviting Jesus into our prayer time.  ;-)  (that makes me happy!)

Please feel free to email me prayers, I will gladly post them here, so that others can see how the Spirit is leading us in this.

Join me:


Thank You for this new day.  Thank You that You hear our prayers and that You move in Power as we lift our hearts towards You.

Lord we have heavy hearts in regards to the situation of our country.  America is not the God fearing country that it began as.  Lord, our leaders are not keeping You first- please turn hearts of our leader towards You.  Soften the men and women that You have put into leadership positions in our great nation.  Lord, please let a spirit of repentance move in America.  Let us see a change in our governmental leaders, let it flow from Your throne from the greatest to the least.  

We lift up President Obama to You.  We ask that You draw him to Yourself.  We ask that You lead him and guide his decision making.  We ask that Lord You would make him Yours (if he isn't already) and that he would bow his knee to no other.  Father, bless his decision making, let his wisdom come from You.  Give him protection and favor that could only come from You.  Lead him in righteousness for Your Name.  

I pray for his family to be under Your mighty hand, that they too would know You, love You and serve You alone.  

Father, I also lift up the foster care system to You.  It is a broken system and not running very well.  I lift up their ways to You and ask for You to move powerfully on behalf of the orphans within their control.  

Father, change can come through Your wisdom.  Change can come as we seek You.  You can raise up an army from these children, an army for Your plans and purposes.  Father pour out Your love into this system and let us see reforms for the bettering of how they serve these ones who belong to You.  Lord, I also ask that You would raise up Believers who would step into this foster care system to do your Kingdom work.  I ask for social workers who love You.  I ask for boldness for them and great wisdom and favor like You gave both Joseph in leadership and Daniel; do the same within this system.  Move mightily oh Lord God.

Father, we pray for Your Church, Your people in America.  Help us not to be calloused in our ways or our prayer lives.  Help us to be stirred to action Lord.  Help us to be the difference in this dark world.  Let us not wait for others to do the work that You have asked us to do.  Let Your people begin to step out to new areas of ministry for You.  Let us not grow weary in doing good, let us be on fire for You God.

I also would ask Lord that You stir your people towards adoption and orphan care.  If the Church would follow You in this- not only would they be blessed for obeying Your Word, but they would be indeed raising up a generation for Your army for the Lord.

Father hear our prayer and answer us Lord.
We ask and come to You in Jesus name, amen!


Rhonda said...

Kimmie, I'm here too! Will take some time out a few times today to go out and pray! So glad to have this day set aside with all of you.

Karen said...


The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

Nothing new here. Stroke recovery is painfully slow, so I'll just join you.

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