Dec 4, 2012

Sidewalk art

Life is art in so many ways,
 if only we slow down and open our eyes.

I found this little bit of artwork on the sidewalk in Denver, waiting to catch a train.  Someone dropped their tube of toothpaste and the person behind them stepped on it, rather heavily.  (or so I imagine).

The funny part is that I was on a get-away trip with my Knight for a long weekend.  Here we were bustling along with my camera in tow and here is this toothpaste that most people avoided.  Not me and my man, he was telling me I should lay down on the sidewalk to get a great angle. 

 Got to love a man with an eye for art!  Of course when I told him originally that I was circling back to something I saw on the sidewalk that just NEEDED to be shot, he didn't quite see the need...but trusted me and followed me back to the spot.

smiling because I still think it is great art.

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