Jan 24, 2013

10 Good Things About the Flu

Okay, you know how you take lemons and make lemonade,
 today I have decided to make some flu-aide so to speak.

10 Good Things About the Flu
(well maybe 11)

10.  Gas...(not that kind!) 
You save a lot of money on gasoline, cuz Mama ain't driving anywhere.
(week 4)

9.  beauty rest...
You get lots of it...when this is done I am sure I will be radiantly beautiful.

8.  the economy...
Buying $100's of dollars in cough syrup 
and such has to boost the economy.

7.  pantry...
You are given an opportunity to use all those items that are soon to expire from your pantry shelves. Things that you forgot about, suddenly inspire the next meal. 

6.  freezer ...
Yup, same with the freezer(s).  I am amazed that we still have food to eat after 4 weeks of the ravages of the flu hitting the entire house save one
 (the 16 year old Ethiopian has an awesome immune system).

5.  responsibility...
It allows your oldest children the opportunity to learn how to run a household.  When the Mama is not able to crawl out of bed, the biggies get to play the role of Mama, until she can muster the strength to come down and do it herself.

4. hair...
Somehow, don't ask me the science behind it,
hair thrives on neglect.  Who knew?

Though I have constant bed-head, which in some circles is considered *sexy*, my hair is soft, shiny and healthy; especially compared to the rest of me.

3.  Reading...
When your brain and eyes aren't screaming out in pain,
 you can really get a lot of stacked up reading done. 
  Managed 3 whole books in the first week. And the plus is, you don't even feel guilty about laying in bed and reading!

2.  Creativity ...
Creative genius must come out of such situations as the flu. 

 I find myself thinking rather deep thoughts in the bouts of coughing-middle-of-the-night-fits.  Perhaps, I will manage to write the great novel after-all.

1. Quiet...

Be still my heart, the home is so quiet. 

 Now this is not the norm in the house of 9, especially with two boys who are just a year apart.  Afternoons are filled with napping, the few times I have managed enough energy and have been up in all my *big girl* glory, I have really enjoyed the quiet January moments that the flu has given to me.

Now I am sure this is not an exhaustive list of reasons to be thankful for the flu...but it is a good start.  
Hope you got a good laugh and that you avoid it like the plague this flu-season. 

 And thanks for the prayers,
 without them I am sure this would be far worse!

and just thought of another one:

#11.  coffee
 Found I am not addicted to coffee...don't have any desire to drink any.
 If there was withdrawal symptoms, I missed them because of all the wicked effects the flu gives you.

 Don't know whether it is my sense of taste is greatly diminished and it just doesn't taste good anymore.  Or if your body digs down deep and tells you to avoid it, so that you can up your beauty rest and get better.

Have replaced coffee and visits to Starbucks with water, tea, herbal-ly concoctions and vitamin drinks that my dear sweet flu-ish Knight keeps forcing upon me.


mom said...

Sooooo sorry to hear about your family's bout with the flu, Kimmie! I think we've only had one solid case of flu in our family so far and that was back in December. We've had some viral stuff and tummy stuff, but nothing too severe. My prayer is that we will stay healthy!

Get thee well!

Tammy ~@~

Karen said...

I admit to having the thought that if we would get sick I could stay home from the endless appointments....how shallow of me. :-) Hope you're all better soon...and glad you're finding the silver lining!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been very sick Kimmie! :( So sorry to hear. Love your positive attitude though, finding the silver linings during this time. Hope you're all much better soon. :) xxx

Rhonda said...

You ACTUALLY somehow cast a veil of beauty over the flu.....I think I need some flu germs....NO, no, no.. I'm just under the spell of a clever and lovely writer who is able to extract thanks from even the flu. Congratulations on that even if you are delirious. lol ;)

Rhonda said...

P.S. just kidding about being delirious... :) I admire your ability to re-frame the situation. The flu hasn't visited us in many moons. When/if it does, I'm going to want to revisit this post of yours. ♥

Anna said...

Oh, honey. Hope it's all over soon,

Kimmie said...

Delirious, you made me laugh! If you only knew yesterday I looked on webmd to see symptoms of pnuemonia (was having stabbing pains when breathing) ...anyway it said the flu can turn into pnuemonia and delirium was a symptom.

Thankfully this morning no chest pain ...thinking I 'm making a come back. (Cough, cough...wheeze, wheeze.)
Rest, rest and more rest!

Lisa said...

I hope you'll be yourself soon, Kimmie. This is a very interesting list.
Your pantry comment is so true! And lately I've been trying to make myself really look at what I have and USE IT UP.

Happy reading. :D

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