Jan 22, 2013

10 Things Always in my Fridge...

This picture from a while back reminds me of refrigeration (don't ask me why)...

*we have three refrigerators at our house always up and running.
(another post might just be our freezers).

10. cheese (sorry Christina,
 my dear Hungarian friend and lover of Jesus...
but hater of cheese...

 ...I am a lover of cheeses). 
 usually Parmesan,
extra sharp cheddar (we prefer white),
Muenster, (which my oldest lovingly referred as *Monster Cheese for most of her childhood*
some variety of Blue cheese
 and sometimes a hunk of Feta.
(and though we have fresh cheese in large supply, we also have the green jar of Parmesan as a back up).

my motto: When in doubt, eat cheese!

berbere is made at home in Ethiopia, which means each family has their special recipe.  
berbere can be mild or kicking hot! 

8. brown mustard 
 (love it snuck into everything!)
well maybe not everything, but I really like it.

7.  jam and jelly
 (currently we have 
orange marmalade,
and strawberry rhubarb...
some are homemade other store bought.)

6. eggs  
I buy 72 eggs every 2 weeks.  we use them in baking...we love to bake and also for quick dinners or lunches.  eggs, yum!
when it is warmer I switch over to our local free range farm eggs...currently the chickens must be too cold to lay, as every time I stop by they don't have any eggs in the cooler.

5 Sweet Hungarian paprika 
again, love to baptize so many different things with this spice! 

4.  fruit
always:  lemons, apples, oranges
sometimes: grapefruit (red), kiwis, grapes (love the black), limes, watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries

occasionally:  ppomegranates (my favorite!!) and blueberries
hoping for more blueberries, as last summer we planted 4 bushes on our front hill.

of course there are loads of other fruits that we don't refrigerate...
mangos, cantaloupe, pineapple, bananas...but we are talking about my fridge ;-)

3.  butter  (and Fleischmann's unsalted butter for Princess Sweetness)

normally I buy a four pack at Sam's Club, 
(and there are usually at least 8 1 pound containers in the freezers.)
 but if I am shopping at Restaurant Depot I pick up unsalted which is much better for our baking.

2.  peanutbutter
Little Princess Mercy loves herself a peanutbutter sandwich
 (she loves all food,
 but this is her favorite. 
 add jam or fluff and you have a party in her mind! ask her, everyday is a party!)

1.  salsa!

vats and vats of salsa. 
love it hot, love it fresh (if it is summer), love it loaded with cilantro (YUM!)
of course love in in a 7 layer dip (we omit the meat and keep it vegetarian friendly),
 but that is another post I think.
 I might be an addict, just saying.

 What's in your fridge?


Karen said...

I buy a case of eggs periodically...15 dozen...love having eggs around all the time.

I keep my peanut butter in the cupboard...is there a reason you keep it in the fridge?

And that reminds me, I need to buy more cheese...

Kimmie said...

Yes...the oils in PB go rancid...we don't eat a lot of PB, so I prefer to keep it here.

Kimmie@overthemoon withjoy

Anonymous said...

We are allergic to peanuts, so no PBS here. Other than the spice you mentioned, ours is pretty much the same. I do keep soy sauce at all times because we eat a ton of rice and like soy sauce on it.

Kimmie said...

We have soy sauce too....and as I peaked in the fridge, I saw we are desperately low!


mom said...

All I can say is...........YUM!

Tammy ~@~

Rhonda said...

An overview of my fridge would be sorta boring I think, but yours has given me some ideas! I do share your love of cheese! We buy from an Amish pantry that I can only get when my husband goes that way for business since it's too far for me to drive for cheese--inexpensive and wonderful cheese....swiss, provolone, garden (has herbs in it), smoked cheddar, romano, parmesian, yogurt cheese, American for my husband. mmmmmmmm....

Meryl said...

That's an awesome list, but we need to get you some chickens! We're also gluttons for cheese.

christina said...

yikes item #10, who knew there were so many kinds of cheese!
I am currently a big fan of leves testa (hungarian soup dough) I use it to make "cheater" cinammon rolls and crescent rolls and pizza rolls!

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