Jan 15, 2013

10 Weird Things About Me

(thinking about 10 things you don't know yet)

10.  I can't stand the cotton in the top of the aspirin bottle- it makes me cringe.

9.  I don't like to drink water...really I have to force myself (bad, yeah I know).  
Of course if it's in coffee or a latte, bring that water to me baby!
Pipeline to Starbucks, sign me up.

8.  When I was six,  I walked to school on a day that was a holiday.  I knocked on all the windows and doors trying to get in.  A nice old man walking his dog came and told me that there was no school because of the holiday (not sure which it was) but he kindly walked me home.
  (and I wasn't in the least bit freaked out that he was a stranger. 
 Though my mom read to me Never Talk to Strangers (over and over!)

7.  I went to Hungary in the 3rd grade with my family, visiting my father's family. 
 I learned to say, "I love you grandmother." ("En is szeretlek Nagymama"....)
But when my meeting with my grandmother came, I froze up and hid behind my parents. 
It took days before my brain relaxed and I could finally say it.
 (My father was so proud of me!)

6.  As a kid I constantly dreamed that I would fly off the roof of my bedroom window. It was probably only 10 feet from the ground, but I used it as my launching pad for my dreams.

5.  I own too many homeschooling curriculum books.  Every year I vow to get rid of a few, but honestly somehow I am emotionally attached to them.  Weird, as most of them don't work for our style of homeschooling. 

4.  I like BIG dogs.  The dogs we keep getting are medium sized (labradors).  Someday I hope to have a giant dog, you know Clifford size.  Though I'd prefer something in the shade of blue gray over bright red.

3.  My mother liked to give us liver for dinner in my childhood.  When I became an adult I chose to be a vegetarian.  Never liked meat and don't miss it AT.ALL!

2.  I love to go to thrift shops, charity shops, Goodwill and Salvation Army stores.  Sometimes if I am having a bad day, post getting my kids in bed I will go on to ShopGoodwill and browse just for fun. 

I have been known to bid on occasion.

1.  I am a homebody. 
I do love to travel, but I love being home. 
 I think flight is a gift from God...
 think about that metal getting off the ground and landing in a different part of the world in a relatively short period of time.  
But, Home truly is where the heart is.


Valerie said...

Loved this post! :)

Rhonda said...

Love this post, too. I especially love that you went to school and knocked on windows! I share your love of home...and a great day would be getting snowed in, or left home without a car. :) Anyway, I enjoyed your list so much!

christina said...

I love that you aren't afraid to talk to strangers, otherwise we would not have become friends! I rcvd your beautiful card in the mail and will be writing back soon! I always recall your positive thoughts about flying and believe it or not God has used that to help cure my fear of fly - good thing now that we live in Hungary!

Karen said...

How fun! My mom used to say visiting Goodwill was her "therapy" while she raised the 6 of us. :-) I don't like that cotton on the top of bottles either!

D said...

We have recently went vegetarian.I am having a hard time finding vegetarian recipes where I can find ingredients in small town USA. Maybe you could give some practical tips for newly vegetarians

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