Jan 13, 2013

Prayer Collection Day!

Hi friends! 
Popping in to see if anyone wants prayer?

Leave a message (I love comments!) and we can get busy taking your prayer need to the Lord.



Dardi said...

We are praying to hear the Lord clearly on some things & then walk in confident trust/peace.

Thank you!

Greta Jo said...

That would be wonderful. Carson is really struggling with his behavior at school. I need help parenting him.

BJ said...

Really wanting to throw in the homeschooling towel. Also in the middle of caring for aged/ill in-laws - at odds with other siblings...very exhausting. We want to honour them at this stage of life, to only bring dignity.

Karen said...

A friend from my childhood/youth passed away today (Anne). She had a genetic disorder which bound her to a wheelchair all her life but she had a fantastic personality and smile. She lived far longer than expected (I'm guessing she's around 39 or so.) Please pray for her family as they celebrate her homegoing/healing and mourn her loss.

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

Me,me...same old thing around here. I have had a real struggle lately with walking.

Dan & Tara said...

Please pray with us for our house in KS to sell. We have moved to WY on faith for my hsuband to attend Bible School beause we truly feel called here in preparationf or going into the ministry. The house selling would be a huge burden releaved. Thank you! T

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