Jan 7, 2013

Praying for America (Moving Mountains Mondays)

Time to stand in the gap my friends....

Ready to pray for our country today?  

My heart is praying for:
  • our president
  • the families dealing with the loss of children from Sandy Hook Elementary in CT
  • for God to fall on the town of Newtown, that His Spirit would guide their healing (salvations Lord!)
  • for a revival spirit to fall upon hearts in America (a coming back to the Lord!)
  • for a renewal of a desire to pray in our homes and churches
  • for fresh direction from heaven for each of us 
  • for time in the Word daily  -drawing us in to His heart for us!  

Anything you want to share for our prayer direction today?


Bird's Words said...

haven't been commenting, but I have loved praying along with you each Monday. Today, my heart longs for God's people to love their neighbors selflessly, as Jesus loved... including our government leaders. I long to see God's people stop hurling insults and hurl the effective prayers of righteous people instead.

Love you Kimmie!

Anonymous said...

I have one daughter who every time she prays for dinner she says "please help Obama find Jesus". Precious.

Rhonda said...

I'm with you all today. I've been especially lead these weeks to pray for the dear leaders in our homes (our husbands or single moms or Dads), and our churches along with our President and leadership in govt. I love your list Kimmmie. I'm praying on every point as well. I love to see you all here on MOndays!

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