Jan 21, 2013

Praying For America (Moving Mountains Monday)

Sorry to post this late...
we are on week four of the flu and honestly I am pretty wiped. 

 Hope you remembered today that we are lifting up our country before our Father...if not, then its not too late, as it is still "today!"

Join me and add if you feel led:

Dear Father,

We come to You today asking You to put your hand upon our country.  We ask that You would bring hearts back to you.  Lord we need You to breathe life back into America and its people.  We ask for You to draw us, great and small, to You.  Give us all a desire to live our lives to obey and honor You. 

Father, today is Inauguration Day; we ask Lord that You would bless our President as he governs this country.  We ask that his heart would be in Your hands.  We pray that his leadership would not be of his own making, or that of his support staff, but divinely sent from heaven. Father, we ask that he seeks You, finds You, follows You and serves You while he is in office.  We pray blessing over his marriage, over his parenting his daughters, over his health, over his spiritual walk with You.  Lord, help him to govern this land and let him do it in a way that blesses Your heart.

Lord, stir our hearts to rise up and stand in the gap.  Help us Lord to be doers of Your Word and not hearers only.  Help us not grow weary, help us not to feel like what difference will our prayers make, considering the condition of our nation.  Your Word tells us that the prayers of the righteous overcome much, help us to cling to this and take action.

Strengthen us, guide us, lead us, direct us, as we seek You and pray for Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We thank You for this country, for your protection and provision.  We know that You have not left us, truth is Lord is that we at large, have left You.  Stir our hearts Lord, stir our communities, stir Your Church- we ask that you would send revival and that we would begin to see the changes that come when Your revival fire falls.

Thank You Father, 
In Jesus' name we pray.


Rhonda said...

The first week since we began I forgot as it is the holiday and there were extra guests here today. But I read your prayer, I am with you on each point and I am heading off to pray now. Thank you for remembering and posting. I love praying together.

Rhonda said...

Very sorry you have had sickness in the family.

Anna said...

Wow, that's too much flu. Hope everyone is on their feet very soon.

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