Feb 20, 2013

Need a Little Happiness? (bluebirds!)


Aren't bluebirds the cutest? 

 For years we have been waiting for them to come and nest in our bluebird box.  A few times we have seen them, but they never stay for long.  I'm afraid we are a little to forest-y in our yard and not quite field-y enough for the little hearts of bluebirds.

With the nasty blizzard 2 weeks ago, 2 mating pairs came to our window feeder.  We didn't know that they were willing to snack on homemade beef suet, but are so happy that they are.  We have seen them several times now.  Each time there is so much excitement in our house.  The fact that they are up close and personal, right at our kitchen window is beyond making my heart pound with LOVE!

I have always had a love for my Father's creatures, but bluebirds hold a special place in my heart. 
 What a heart-picker-upper they are in the midst of winter. 

 Spring must be coming...the bluebirds are pairing up and are working up an appetite!!

 I am feeling happier...how about you?


Karen said...

My aunt keeps mealy worms in her downstairs bathroom to feed the bluebirds and keep them coming around!

Kate J said...

We have a red-bellied (not red-headed) woodpecker that comes to our feeder. He is huge, has a red head and a reddish belly (hence the name). My grandmother once told me that bird feeding/watching is one of the cheapest, most enjoyable hobbies that benefits you AND nature.
Sure does brighten my day to see some amazingly created bird happen upon the birdfeeder right outside my kitchen window.
Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I know they're around here, but I've never seen them!

Cathy said...

I love little bluebirds. My sister-in-law gets them at her house. They're so bright and cheery.

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