Feb 18, 2013

Praying for America (and a little God story!)


Moving Mountains Monday, is a day where we purposefully set aside, to pray for our country.

  This is not a special club, but open to anyone who feels the desire to join us.  We pray for our President, we pray for our leaders, our towns, our schools, our neighborhoods...basically anything that sits down here within the boundries of the good U.S. of A. can be covered....no set order, just pray.

 For fun...and to remind my own heart of God's goodness...
the end of this, is a little sharing time of what God is up to behind the scenes in my life.
Let's pray for our nation today.  Let's allow some time to listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead us in how to stand in the gap for our beloved America.  

Let me know if you are willing to be a gap-minder 
(if you're British the signs near the Tube will flash before your eyes
...Mind the Gap!
...which makes me smile every time I remember.)

Love to you and to yours...thanks for stopping by  (((hug)))  Kimmie

PS- My friend Beth is out house hunting in South Carolina this week with her hubby and child...would you pray God helps them to find what they are desiring?  Beth would want you to pray for God's will for them ;-)

And on the *HOW COOL IS MY GOD*  note....
the same day my sweet dear friend left, I got a love note in my mail. 
 As I am a God-girl I know why the love note came yesterday of all days...
my Father wanted me to know He has doors i don't know about. 
He has plans that i haven't a clue about...

do you want to know about the love letter I got and who it was from??


an old Christmas card was found,
in it I shared this little love letter (my blog)
...my special best friend from childhood
 (Stori, I think we became friends around 12 years old? ) 
contacted me.

 And we have begun to play catch-up!
  We are both excited  (maybe me more so).  
Anyhow a little God story thrown in for fun!

*a little reminder that God knows what we are going through
 and that He is always watching out for those who love Him.  

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