Feb 25, 2013

Praying for America (Moving Mountains Monday)

Hello my praying friends!
 Hope you had a sweet weekend and that you feel rested up and raring to go today!

What is on my heart for today's prayer focus is asking God to increase the Light.  As Believers we are filled with the Holy Spirit and are Light carriers.  As much as the world (and definitely America) feels dark and growing ever darker...I know that the Light is much more powerful than dark (evil).  So let's ask God to increase the Light, for a movement among His children (those saved by grace)
 to shine into the darkness.


 We thank you for another beautiful day and the opportunity to serve You in it.  We stand here today asking for You to bless our nation, to speak to Your people, to bring change by increasing the Light. 

 Lord, we know that the darkness is supposed to increase before Your return, but I also know that the Light bearers ought to be overpowering the darkness (by Your Spirit).  

Father, forgive us for complacency.  Forgive us for not living as Your children and actually being Light dispensers,  I ask that You give us a fresh touch of Your Spirit.  Revive Your people that we might live boldly and do Your will.  

Come Holy Spirit and bring change in America.  Let it begin in us and help us to take it out and make a difference. 

Please Father bless our President and the leaders You have put into place for this time.  Let their knees bend toward You and direct their steps today Lord God.

I pray too for those who are serving our country, put Your loving hand upon them and draw them to Yourself,  Father move mightily and bring Your beautiful name glory!

I ask this in Jesus' name.


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