Feb 12, 2013

The Parable of the Birds *Waiting on God

This is a true story, the Holy Spirit showed it to me last week.  As I lived it out, it was my life, but as I walked away from the trek into the forest, He whispered the story to my heart.  Immediately I shared it with my children.  They asked where did you learn this story?  
 I told them God told me.

Would you like to hear the God story too?  I wish you could close your eyes and draw up in your minds eye the words I share, but for now read on...

One winter day God called to the birds of the forest.  He told them to gather in a particular area deep in the forest, to wait for His provision.  All the birds but four, thought this was an odd thing for God to say, as this place He called them to was seemingly empty of food that they so desired.  The spot was in the thick of the woods, away from any path or the sight of man.  In the center of the spot was a 12 foot tree.  The tree was totally barren of life, only dead branches and broken stubs extended out from its tiny trunk.  

The birds loved their God, so they listened to His beautiful voice and they gathered about in the trees.  The four who thought it quite normal, waited closer to the tree.  The other birds stayed further back, warming themselves from the wintry wind and trying not to think of their hungry bellies.  

The Lord had also told them that a large snow was coming soon.  This made them think more of finding food for their tummies and a safe spot to nestle in to ride out the coming harsh weather He spoke of.  The forest was so barren of food, as the winter had already been long.

The day slipped on, but still they faithfully hung around.  Suddenly a stirring began. Far away near the edge of the forest, a bird cried out that strangers were entering.  The bird's cheeps announced that there were 2 entering the forest that belonged to them.  The little bird announcement was a warning, but still the birds who had gathered stuck to their positions deep in the forest.

The two strangers marched on to a hidden path carrying bags that were seemingly heavy.  They walked through the cold with their bags, until they came to the spot with the dead little tree.  The four birds twitted happily to see their two friends, they drew up closer singing their welcome.  The other birds hid silently, not sure what was happening.

The woman and her son began to empty the bags, they filled up containers meant for the orphaned raccoons they had released many moons ago.  They had left them on the ground, with all sorts of things they had been gathering over the week; cake, chicken, popcorn kernals, old bread, beef fat, ... On their last trip into the forest they had filled them, but now they lay empty on the frozen ground.  They tipped them out, as dry leaves had fallen into them and began to fill them heaping once again.  

They opened a bag of marshmallows, that had been bought especially for them. They began sticking them on to little stubby branches that reached among the dead ones of this tree that now seemed to be coming back to life.  The 4 voices rose from the forest in glee, the others still slightly afraid, remained silent.

 The two, reached up into the little dead tree and opened the metal mesh box that hung from the branches by a tiny chain.  Into it they put fat, cookies, a chunk of fruit and an old cupcake.  The four birds who were the strangers friends began to come even nearer.  They were so happy, both the strangers who hoped to see their woodland friends and the four small birds.  

The boys spoke to his mother asking if they might take a few steps away from the tree and turn to watch their friends arrival.  Though he heard their welcoming songs, still he hadn't been able to see them.   Now as the stepped just 10 steps back, the four birds rushed down, a yellow bellied woodpecker, a titmouse, a chickadee and a red headed woodpecker. They hopped from ground container to ground container under the protection of the tiny dead tree.  Quickly fifteen more birds joined them, flitting about without a worry filling their very hungry stomachs.  

This time in between bites, another song rose.  The song that comes from waiting.  A song that rises up at the end of having heard from God.  The song that arises after a long sometimes confusing wait.  The song was heard not only by their Provider, but by the two who He had sent into the spot in the forest. 

  Joy rose because the wait was over- 
the prayer of the birds had been answered and provision had come rather unexpectedly.  

How true this is of us and our waiting on God.  How often do we have to wait in a dark or dangerous place. How often are we fearful or uncertain in the waiting time. How often do we pray and wait? 
 But if we trust the One who calls us, we wait. 
 Believing that He is coming, trusting that we will taste His goodness in His time.

Hope you enjoyed the story ...
it was from God and I am the girl He sent to gather up the story's words from the cold dark forest.
I am also a girl who is in a waiting position,
trying to rest in Him, as I expect His answer to my 'wait' to arrive in His perfect time.

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Bird's Words said...

oh Kimmie, this is beautiful. I can hear the footsteps drawing closer as I wait for Him in this season of mine. How beautiful to know that He always shows up right on time!!

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