Jul 9, 2013

How I Became a Gluten Free Vegan

Two weeks tomorrow~ a gluten free vegan girl, that's me!
I have been a vegetarian for many years, as I am lacking the enzymes to properly digest meat. But gluten free and vegan are totally a new adventure for me.  Never saw it coming, but so glad that it did!

I crossed paths with a library book called The Virgin Diet, by J.J. Virgin and I decided it was time to make some changes.  For years I have been surrounded by my children who have their own food intolerance's.  One has wheat, eggs and dairy, which she had pretty much been denying were even an issue.  Another daughter is constantly complaining that meat hurts her stomach and that even with no meat that she had heart burn, at all of 14 years old.  

Myself, constantly tired.  Bone tired.  And quite sick of well meaning friends telling me I look tired.  Just saying that is annoying when you are mustering all you've got to put yourself out there and not just stay curled up in your pjs in bed.  Also, my eyes didn't look good.  Constantly dry, red and scratchy and to the point that I just couldn't wear my contacts. The numbers on the scale also kept slowly creeping up, which wasn't huge, but did make me feel not quite great.  Just basically feeling yucky and not vibrant.
So, I began reading the book and gleaning ideas to get us going in doing a clean.  The book recommends a 21 day period that you get rid of the top 7 food culprits: 

gluten foods, eggs, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts,
 sugar and artificial sweetners (also avoiding all processed food).

Now, as I began sharing what I was learning, my two top food related complaining daughters, said they were in too (which was a pleasant surprise).  They are not eating vegan, as they still eat chicken, but are reaping the benefits of clearer skin, no stomach aches, no heart burn, weight loss, nails that are growing fast, more energy, and a clearer head, with no more brain fog.

I had been thinking I needed to give up my beloved dairy for the last year, but couldn't quite give up my lattes with full fat milk frothed to perfection.  Nor my cheese fests that I nightly shared with my cat Hope.  (cheese heads unite!)  But then I hit bottom, with a bad prescription for my thyroid (it caused shingles and high blood pressure)...and I realized I needed to get control back. Also challenging to give up tofu, as it is one of my favorites.  But somehow I am more than managing, though I know tofu will come back in once we get this body of mine into behaving better for me.

The good news is I am feeling great.  I lost 10 pounds and my eyes are clear, I am able to wear contacts again!!  Sleeping better, my energy level is improved a zillion percent and I am down to one coffee a day, with no cravings.  Honestly, the coconut milk I am using to replace my beloved milk is good.  I am not hungry or craving anything.  I think I look much better, but guess the proof will be from those around me in the coming weeks.

I am not sure if I will remain purely vegan, but I am seriously considering it, as I feel so much better.  

Gluten free vegan cooking is not that hard.  I peruse the Pinterest boards (okay, I may be addicted to Pinterest).  I am Kimmie Bluesky if you want to check my Trying Gluten Free Vegan board.

The book is helpful, but honestly, it is the premise of cutting out the top food troublers, that really is the solution to feeling better.  Making the decision, then just sticking to it, is the best way to get going!

I will keep you posted...
off to bake something gluten free vegan...
perhaps those yummy brownies that I bookmarked this morning!


Karen said...

I've been contemplating trying gluten free for just a week to see if it helps my son's anxiety driven behavioral issues...just can't bring myself to give up my beloved baked goods. :-) I had just decided I am NOT going to try GF and try essential oils instead...but we'll see. I'm still thinking GF would help my other son's eczema as well as possibly some of his other issues...but giving up bread, pasta, and baked goods is such a big deal...

Glad you're feeling better!

Renee said...

Yay! We aren't GF but we've been Vegan for 8 years and veggies for 17 years.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimmie,

It's Doreen --changing your diet is huge..We are not vegan whatsovever but mostly organic and almond milk-we do dairy ( agree with you about cheese) --My daughter Christina came down with Guillian Barre Syndrome last January --recovery of the nervous system is slow and painful--long road..in October she had a relapse of GBS type of symptoms. and cardiac problems (her heart rate was up to 140)...anyway Jeff figured out symptoms flared up after eating and we went through our pantry and threw a lot out. we had just changed grocery stores to a "bargain place"..within 3 weeks of eating organic food and food that is non processed -she was doing much better..Thank God she is doing great now --a few bad days but doing good. What you eat and drink is so important--The chemicals in and on the foods are bad for you and so many people do not realize this..Anyway --miss you and love you..Doreen ( We are in NC now)

mom said...

Yay! You go, girl! I'm following you on Pinterest now :-)

Tammy ~@~

Lisa said...

More power to ya, Kimmie - almond milk is delicious, too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kimmie,
I've been enjoying your posts for a couple years now (hopped over when your blog was mentioned on Pleasantview!). I've been greatly blessed by your sincere and genuine spirit. The timing of this particular post literally brought tears to my eyes. Various health issues have led me to begin eliminating gluten, sugar, and dairy from my diet. I'm figuring it out slowly, but am so encouraged to know that others are doing something similar and making it work! Thank you for being such a blessing. ~Mary

Kimmie said...

Dearest Mary;

Bless your heart. Praying the Lord gives you wisdom and strength to make the changes that will help you be all He has intended for you to be. May you reap the benefit of dropping the dairy, sugar and gluten from your diet! Please let me know how you are doing!!!

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, they blessed me greatly.


Kimmie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Timmy said...

This is cool!

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