Jul 4, 2013

Words Are So Like Candy!

words~like candy to me
something that can float around in ones mind
 and stir those quiet thought filled places, like no other thing can.

today I thought of some words:

a basket full of skirts~
as I pulled one down, to layer under my summery pocketed cotton dress.
Wouldn't this be a cute name for a blog?
pine cones in a rambunctious line~
my hoarded collection, from various locations I have wandered to,
 standing in a row in my boudoir.

Christmas lights in a tangled spherical mass~
until the plug engages the socket,
 and reveals the glorious brilliance that was hidden in the heap.

dirty boy hands, feet and faces~
that accompany hard working sons, ones that willingly push the no-gas needed lawn mower.
a pocket full of rose petals-
a little girl's joy in stuffing her pockets so she will smell like Mama.
an abandoned bird feeder filled with helpless little wrens~
Mama and Papa wren tirelessly running to and fro with food for their never-full brood.

flickering green lights that dance in the window, on an arid evening~
waking me first with fear and then reassurance that summer is actually here!


Rhonda said...

Yes! Good words. Inspiring words.

Lisa said...

It's funny that you mention green lights - a firefly got into the bathroom window the other day, and his light was green. I had no idea of that; they don't seem green to me from a distance. But watching them is something I wait for all year.

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