Nov 2, 2013

Girl After God's Heart

Girl After God's Heart 

Episode One:

this is a post for me to share little spots of my heart.
my talks with God.  
 poems to Him.
prophetic words.
a glimpse into the life and soul of a girl who is crazy for the God who has called her,
 adopted her,
 and continues to change her into the girl He intends her to become.

The Longing

Deep down in hidden places,
 lies within each,
 a desire,
it has no rest...
but continues silently awaiting for the Master's kiss.
The awakening waits for Him-
planted in the heart, it lingers, 
given at creation 
by the Father.
It lies eternally,
waiting on His Light.
The Light opens up such places,
beckoning to them,
 to come to Him,
Gladly they burst toward the daylight,
Seeking to fulfill destiny's appointment~
Sometimes fearful,
they come forward,
unsure of how welcome they 
truly are,
but as Light brings reassurance,
The Longing knows the Father's heart-
Holy Spirit  filling, drawing,
pulling giftings to the Light,
Oh Eternal Encourager,
help me give you all such places
of my life.


Rhonda said...

I know that longing! Happy Saturday, good to hear your thoughts today.

Pura said...

Just letting you know that FG has lead me to pray for you/rs - feel free to drop me a line if or when theres anything you need to be prayed for-.
(my e.mail:

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