Dec 5, 2013

A Thought on Heaven

Ignore this random picture of my bad-boy cat Tobin and my favorite little recycled Christmas tree. The tree was a summer find.  It was thrown out to the road in a gigantic box.  I jumped out of my car, stuffed it in my tank (i.e. giant car that fits 10) and raced home with it.  Sad to say, it was meant for the trash and not for some other loving home, as it used to be white and had now yellowed with age. 

  However, the tippity-top of this said enormous tree still lit without is counterparts. It looked at me with its sparkly white lights and still pristine white branches and said, "Keep me, Love me, Enjoy me, don't toss me aside!"

 So I plunked her into this old copper bucket and it has been adorning our living room since then
 (yes, I love Christmas and lights!)

 This post has nothing to do with either though, really.  But today as I was wrestling with the pile of Tupperware and ghetto Tupperware that we have, I have decided firmly that there will be none of either types in heaven.  I am certain that stained, lid missing containers, that refuse to stack or actually fit properly would NEVER be allowed in heaven.  No Tupperware needed at the feasting we will do in heaven, yippee!

The Word says there will be no tears, so guess Tupperware is out.  Sick of fighting with my too small cupboard space and the endless lids and bottoms.  As often as my Knight tries to reduce our reusable containers, or rushes out to find stacking varieties, still the same saga continues and I am no friend of it.

Oh heaven, another reason I love you and long for the day we will meet.

Not sure why the plug to my glorious little tree is sticking straight out in this picture, mind you we are normally careful about such matters. So, I will make sure the next time I shoot to share, that it is properly prepared for your eyes. (snicker-snicker).

Oh happy day!

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