Dec 2, 2013

Homeschooling in December

Homeschooling allows us the benefit of truly slowing down for the month of December.  Only holding tight to our heaviest of courses and releasing us to explore areas of homemaking, art, and the joys of preparing for the coming of Christmas.

Today we embark on our slower pace.  We will begin by looking through cookbooks and deciding what new recipes (or perhaps old) that we want to create.  We will poke around in our art supplies and see what fun things we can make with all our collections, that are awaiting their release from their basement storage. We will enjoy our collection of Christmas books that have made their way down from the attic in the large old wooden crate that contains them.

Of course if it should happen to snow, well then, we will don our apparel that has been tucked away in its place until such moments and joyfully make snow forts, snow angels and sled like crazy! Warming ourselves by the fire with cups of hot cocoa that is stirred with peppermint sticks and laced with clouds of whipped cream.  December is not the month to think of calories or cutting back in our house, that is what January arrives for!

I look forward to this time. 
 A time to make memories. 
 A time to talk and laugh. 
 A time to spend more time reading aloud to my children (we are rereading The Five Little Peppers)
 and sprawling out before the fireplace with the books of our choice.  

Afternoons will be filled with teas, cookie and perhaps other tasty treats.  Honestly, it will go by too quickly.

Over the years I have learned that this change of pace does wonders for all of our hearts.  It helps us to rise to the occasion of winter schooling and allows for the extras in schooling that don't often happen, due to busy schedules and such.  

I highly recommend that you consider some type of slow down, allowing yourself a time of joyful refreshing to come to your souls.

Bless you my friends and rejoice because God loves you so very much- so much that He gave us Jesus.  The One we celebrate and prepare for this month.  
Come Lord Jesus, Come!

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The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

We slow down quite a bit for the season as well.

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