Jan 10, 2014

7 Helpful Prayer Tips

7 Helpful Prayer Tips 


As a Christian I find there are times when I find myself in a deeper time of prayer.  As we walk through life there are so many things that bombard us and try to get us off course.  The best way for me to counter this and to find both answers and victory, is through prayer.  

Who can pray?  

 But I do believe that as people who have come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, that we have a power in prayer that others do not.  We have the Holy Spirit indwelling us, and helping to lead us into the very Presence of our Heavenly Father. We have favor as His own.

So here are a few simple ways that I have found that will help in your time of seeking hard after God's heart for you, your situation or the thing that is weighing on your spirit. 
 You don't have to be an intercessor to pray, but you do need to have a heart's desire to do it.

7 Prayer Tips:

1.  Ask God to do it to bring honor and glory to His name.

Psalm 115:1



2. Make your plea to God as His child.

(we are co-heirs with Christ)

3.  We can appeal to God by his personal attributes

compassion, mercy, love,

4.  We can pray His Word and His promises.

5.  Pray His faithfulness 
and remembrance of your past
experiences of His goodness to you.

6. Ask God to be merciful~ 
 ask Him to come to the needy, 
those who are persecuted and/or suffering.

asking Him to meet the needs of people. 

7. Pleading the blood of Jesus!

We remind God by speaking the blood of Jesus that brings healing, restoration, salvation, cleansing, protection, and sanctification.  

Hope this helps you get better focused in prayer. 
 Remember prayer is simply love 
pouring out from your heart to His, 
no form is required, 
other than,
 that which comes from desire and love
 of a beloved child of God! 

What ways have you found
 that help improve your prayer life? 

1 comment:

Greta Jo said...

Hi Kimmie. I hope you are well. I really need to read this. I am struggling with praying right now. I do not feel that God hears my prayers. I was thinking maybe I am n ot praying the correct way.

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