Jan 28, 2014

A Homeschooling Mama's Prayer

Homeschooling is a path God chose for my family.  A path we have walked for many years now (so many that I think I have truly lost count).  One that still requires me to fall before Him, asking for help.  I find great need to seek Him, asking for help, so that I may direct the steps of my children. 

 How often I have felt that I am not qualified to take on the job of teaching my children.  How often have I wrestled with feelings of inadequacy in how to teach 8 children.  Honestly, some days I just wonder if I can even master success with one.  Questioning if I have bought the right materials, if the curriculum is the right fit, if I am following the books correctly.  Wondering if I am giving them enough, challenging them enough, preparing them so that God can use them as He desires.

This morning I was up prior to the sun, I found this verse.  As I read it, I saw that it is so true, I need God to help me empty me, so that He can fill me with what He desires.  He can form me and shape me, so that I in turn can form and shape the ones He has graciously entrusted to me.

  It's not about me and how much I know,
but how much He wants me to empty myself,
 so He can fill me with His ways and His wisdom to pour out upon my children!

Psalm 40: 17  

(The Message Bible)


And me?  I'm a mess.  I'm nothing and have nothing;

make something of me.

You can do it;

you've got what it takes~

but God,

don't put it off. 



BJ said...

Thank you for this, Kimmie. I am so discouraged with homeschooling, and just wanting to not do it anymore. I don't love it. I feel like I've made so many bad choices and mistakes in guiding and teaching my children. I love that verse! I need to be empty so HE can fill me!

Rhonda said...

♥♥♥ How many years it's taken me to relax into homeschooling. And now I am so relaxed that I wonder if even that is o.k.! :) Thanks, Kimmie!

Anonymous said...

I'll just say amen...

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