Jan 8, 2014

Sharing Some Linky Love!

Sharing a few blogs that I found this past week that made my heart skip~

Oh Pinterest how i LOVE thee!

Find me on Pinterest~

And now for some Linky Love!

Oh how I love tofu...never had it the first half of my life,
 but trying to make up for it now.
  It seriously is my favorite food! This blog is filled with wonderful photography and great vegetarian recipes....details, details details! ~

I also love homemade pasta and Italian food, 
so when I discovered the handmade chocolate pasta
 ~ I was in:

A few of my daughters have had interest in saving money through the use of coupons. 
 This site has some great tips in the section ~ Parenting on a Penny:

And here is a real humdinger...
one that encourages community through blogging,
living a simpler life, living close to the land,
hopes of strengthening family through homemaking,
 sharing real homemaking skills with the next generation
 I am!  

Have a happy day friends~ sharing is what real friends do!

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