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Zechariah and Elizabeth

Expanded Bible

During the time ·Herod ruled Judea [L of Herod, king of Judea], there was a priest named Zechariah who belonged to ·Abijah’s group [the priestly division/order of Abijah; C priests were divided into twenty-four divisions; 2 Chr. 31:2]. Zechariah’s wife, Elizabeth, came from the ·family [L daughters; C female descendants] of Aaron [C brother of Moses and first high priest of Israel; for a priest like Zechariah to marry a woman of priestly ancestry was a special blessing]. [L Both] Zechariah and Elizabeth ·truly did what God said was good [L were righteous before God]. They ·did [followed; walked in] everything the Lord commanded and were ·without fault [blameless] in keeping his ·law [regulations; requirements]. But they had no children, because Elizabeth ·could not have a baby [could not conceive; T was barren], and both of them were very old [Gen. 17:17; 18:11].

A friend of mine sent me a note, in it said she was praying for me and hoped my heart
 wasn't too sore or tender 
( from the adoption journey). I began with 'I am fine', but a few sentences into my correspondence with her, and revelation came that I am nursing a wounded heart. 

Perhaps I knew, but had I buried it, rather deep I must say.

 Later, God directed me to this passage of Scripture, and the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart.  I hadn't realized I was carrying a wounded heart in regards to some of this, but as I read I could feel emotion rising up in my chest. 

You see when you step out to follow God, and He seemingly goes missing, doubt jumps in and tells you how you missed Him.  It jabs you and makes you believe that you aren't walking where God meant for you to walk.  It begins to whisper, then eventually scream, that you are lost and that hopes of finding the way are slim, because look at the mess you've gotten yourself in.  It lies and tells you He has forgotten you. 
 Or worse, that He doesn't care. 

The Word said this to me in correction to that voice (which is not the Lord's)...

Look at these two.  They were serving me.  They were in right standing before me. (holy and righteous) They had the lineage and the life, that backed up who it was they were following.  

They both had wounds, but they served me.  Others didn't know or understand their wounds, but I did. I see the heart after all.

 You see I had a plan.  They were serving Me and loving Me.  They did what they believed and lived wholeheartedly, what they knew. 

  I saw their wounds from being childless.  I saw it come on them with increasing pain as the time wore on in their lives.  I didn't leave them, though personally they wondered why I withheld the blessing (of children) from them.  They wrestled with some of the very same things you have fought in your mind and heart. In time, the wound buried itself deep, they gave up the cry to me, they buried the hope of their dream and desire ever coming true.  But they continued on, trusting me, but living with the pain that lied deep within.

 Do you see I had a plan.  Do you see the blessing had to wait.  Do you know that I am the One who holds the blessings and decides when they should arrive.  Remember dear child, my timing is perfect.  You are not lost; live to serve me, love me and love those in your path.  Don't hold back from loving me and stop listening to the voice that makes you doubt.  That voice isn't mine and never would I send my beloved child into a place of fear of being forgotten. 

 I know. 

 I see and I know what is best for you and those you are crying out for.  Trust me, you will see.

Sharing this, because sharing is what real friends do.

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Renata said...

Thank you for sharing dear Kimmie! You have no idea how much I needed to read that RIGHT NOW. ((HUGS))
Renata :)

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