Feb 22, 2014

Sharing Saturday with You

The story of Nagy Baba

 (Big Baby~ Hungarian).

One day last year he arrived, I say arrived, because it was as if he knew he belonged.  We had recently had to put down a cat that looked strangely just like him, as her kidneys failed.  We were hardly past mourning her loss, when he arrived.  

We asked around our neighborhood, to see if someone was missing this very vocal boy.  Funny, they assumed he was ours.  We let him come in, but still with an eye to the fact that he just might belong to someone else.  We searched the papers and looked in places that might have a poster of his family looking for him.  After several weeks we knew he must be meant for us, sent by God.

He was not ready to come inside.  He was still a bit of a "Wild Thing" and let us know it, by marking (who knew cat pee, a tiny drop could smell so awful!).  By the time we figured out what he was doing, boy we had a mess to clean up.  

But somehow, my heart knew he was mine, even though... So I found a clinic and got him fixed.  The research and kind doctor, with a heart of stopping more unwanted cats, told me that after his hormones were gone post surgery (6 weeks or so), that his spraying would most likely go. 

 Ever take a risk?  Knowing full well that it might cost you?  

Well, you see my heart loved him enough, all of his little Wild Thing ways, that the risk was worth it.  And my Knight loved me enough to understand that this mission was one that I needed to undertake.  Rescue was needed, maybe for both me and my Wild Thing.  Life sometimes stretches you and in turn you must either stretch or bust.

Nagy Baba lived outside, to remain in touch with his most beloved wild side and came when called as darkness approached. He not only accepted this new foreign name, foreign people and foreign house, but began to open his heart to allow the change to effect him. He was Happy to be carried, happy to be hugged by each child and adult.  Fussed over, dangled by some, even accidentally held up upside down (okay, confession it was me, but it was 4 o'clock in the morning and "Wild Thing" was scratching with his non-declawed little paws at my bedroom door. Where he sleeps with me, until the Wild Thing in him stirs him to want back outside.)

More and more he wants to come in.  He stands outside with those beautiful orange eyes and we come.  The children bring him to their rooms to read with him during school time.  They bring him in to cuddle or to play.  They adore him and the funny thing is I really think it is mutual.

He has made friends with our chocolate lab Ruby- they sleep cuddled together on my bed during stormy days, when his Wild Thing side becomes a typical house cat.  However, only through a closed door does he have friends with our two declawed indoor cats.  They see him as a menace and refuse to embrace him.  Angry that they hear the food jar at all times of the day and night, coming from his space inside my bedroom, but they remain on the other side of the closed door.  Perhaps they will come around, sometimes we invite them to a play date, but so far no playing has occurred.

Love is strange.  It is a bit wild at it's edges.  It comes unexpectedly, but I believe it is planned. 
 As a believer I think

this is true!

 What good gifts can you see 
from the Father in your life?


Tammy said...

Kimmie! He is a Maine Coon! And a handsome one at that :-) Reminds me a lot of our cat although ours has no white.

Enjoy him! I'm quite certain God did bring him right to your door at just the right moment :-)

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

I think he is too, especially since he has doubled in size. The vet tech said he wasn't and that he is just a domestic long hair. But he is still growing. What a love bug, sweet as the sun shines.

They think he is about 2ish. I was told by my oldest that Maine Coon's continue to grow and grow for much longer than most breeds.

A hunk of love muffin in this one.
Thanks for helping me confirm by little boy~son.


Lisa said...

He's a beauty!

Bird's Words said...

so sweet! We have a rescued former-wild thing now. She's my cuddle buddy on cold nights- keeps my feet warm in the bed or wherever I happen to be. I never could have imagined how she would steal my heart and give me such reminders of how God rescued me!

Lisa said...

Kimmie, about two nights ago I dreamed of two bluebirds at our feeder, plus another brightly colored bird. I was so excited and thought of you. It seemed real - then I awoke. Oh, well.

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