Mar 31, 2014

Making the Injera Batter

What to do on another cold and blustery New England winter day?  Jack up the pellet stove so the house is super warm and throw caution to the wind, that's what I say!

This was our Ethiopian daughter's first time helping to mix up the injera batter.  We added in some more teff (Ethiopian flour), to feed our batter and our little Princess Mercy went to town.  She sang her way through over 30 minutes of rubbing her hands over the lumps to be sure the injera would be perfect when we later poured it onto our mitad  (flat pan, which is electric, that we cook injera here in the States.)

 Usually we use a super large restaurant stainless steel bowl to work our dough, but Mama ain't no dummy and figured this would be the easiest way around not having to have a major clean-up job.

deep concentration


She was fully enjoying her little Ethiopian self!

Not the typical way to make injera, but I keep finding more and more that we really aren't typical.

Injera is like a sour dough bread/ pancake.  It's texture when cooked is soft and spongy.  It is used to hold all the yummy Ethiopian foods...plate, injera and the pile on all the Ethiopian dishes that you can. No utensils needed, you take small pieces of the injera and scoop up bite size pieces with it. 

 If you haven't eaten Ethiopian you are missing out.  It is delicious.  I only wish I didn't wait so long to discover it.  Find an Ethiopian restaurant in your area and give it a try- your tummy will be so happy you did. We cook it quite often, a pure labor of love, as it takes a whole day or two to prepare all the food items we all want to eat.

I will have to show you what it looks like once it is all cooked up.  Today is just a little show of the prep work.

Oh happy days!  Childhood is so short.

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