Apr 6, 2014

Prayer Request Time and Stuff of Friendship

Hi, so glad you stopped by today.  How is your heart today?

 Wondering if there is anything we could believe together for today?  I'd love to pray with you, connecting hearts as we lift up our requests to God.  He has such a desire that we draw near to Him.  

Simply leave a comment and we'll get started.

If you have something to Praise God for...
well please let us all know so we can give thanks for that too!

I will start...

I have a praise.  Yesterday, I got to spend a most remarkable day with a friend from across the pond.  She is here visiting family, her name is Heini.  She is a ball of sunshine and is a lover of God.  We were able to sneak away alone and shop to our hearts contents. (we both love shopping!!)  My heart and spirit were greatly lifted by God allowing us this time alone together.  I could feel a spirit of heaviness lift as she shared our hearts and giggled throughout Saturday.

 I have been praying for a shopping friend for some time, most of my friends do NOT share the love of shopping that I have.  So though it won't be a regular activity that we get to do, it was still an answer to prayer and so blessed my heart.

 Paul and Heini Euliano,
Pastors of Champion Life Church (Glascow, Scotland)
I borrowed the picture from their blog,
 because we didn't have time to snap photos
 or eat on our shopping day.  We are serious shoppers after all! ;)

 Heini is a beauty inside and out. She is amazing, a strong woman of God, creative, always smiling, full of joy and carries a special prophetic anointing as well.  She has a huge heart and is a bundle of joyful energy.  Everyone that gets close to her is transformed by her bubbly personality.

 We had so much fun running to "Charity shops" as she calls them and pushing our "trolley" through the second hand shops.  We both made out well.  I came home with an amazing buffet and she came home with a pair of sweet cowboy boots and several new sweaters, that will keep her warm in chilly Scotland, where she and her husband Paul pastor, Champion Life Church.  

What a blessing to have a friend who loves to do the things that you love to do.  What a absolute joy that mixed into it all was a very strong sense of His Presence.  Perhaps that was because my dear Heini (Hay-knee) started by praying as I made my way through traffic to our first shop, asking the Holy Spirit to come and bless us in our time together.  And how fun to have a friend with such a cute Finnish Scottish accent, too sweet!

*Thank you Paul for sharing her with me.  Thank you my dear Knight for suring up the home front so I could escape with my Heini for the day.  Thank you Betty (Paul's mum) who made it all happen by giving birth to Paul and being my very dear non-shopping friend.*

Wait on God.  
The wait is so worth it!! 

1 comment:

Karen said...

A day late...but how awesome that God gifted you with a day and friend! As for the prayer request(s)...5 persons with cancer in various stages (a classmate of my son, the school librarian, a friend's nephew, my grandmother, my mom's cousin)...a friend's sister & family who were in a car accident, the one daughter died, the mother & another daughter were critically wounded, the father was driving (icy roads)...so much pain...

Praise - Our challenging son has come a long way from last year at this time! I'm thankful for the insights of Heather Forbes (Beyond Consequences) and how God used her to help us break through to him...

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