Jul 30, 2014

Favoritism and Favor

You've heard of it, you've been on either side of it and you can write home about it, I am sure.
It can be great or it can be painful, depending on which side you find yourself on in this matter of favoritism.
We ask and pray for the favor of God, but how do we act when it isn't all about us?
Case in point~drawing it out...
*you are not the one getting the favor
*over and over you are not the one getting the favor
*you find yourself not getting picked (remember gym class?)
*you are not the teacher's favorite
*you are not your youth leader's favorite 
*you seem to be out of the loop when it comes to the word "Favorite"
*you have been in a group setting where there is a 'clique' and know the pain of not being in it.

As I was reading this chapter of the Bible this morning (John 11), I came to the part where it lists Lazarus' family members.  The story is mainly about Lazarus being raised from the dead and God getting the glory
(when people gain faith and believe in Him). However, it struck me that sometimes we find pain in the position we are finding ourselves in.
 It moved in my heart that though Jesus loved them all, that Mary doesn't have her name listed in this sentence.  I looked it up in several versions and in most it didn't.  Now did Mary rejoice that she was loved or did she get caught up in the fact that He just called her 'her sister.'  

Let's think on Mary and all she is about.  We know she was the one sitting by Jesus' feet while Martha was busy running the house.  We know she is sitting down waiting (and mourning), while Martha is running to Jesus to ask Him what is up with His delay. 
 Did Mary feel the pains of not being His favorite?  Was it enough that He loved her.  In her pain did she remember that essential fact, or did she get lost in the situation?

How are you doing? 
 How is your focus?
 Have you felt the pain of exclusion?  Have you wrestled with watching someone else being the favorite, when in your heart you are longing for it to be you? Does it feel like Jesus has forgotten you too?
Favor and Favoritism are not the same thing.  God does one, but never the other.  People of course do both, which is where our problem (and pain) derive.

How about we clear our soul of all of this by holding onto what this verse tells us:

John 15:10
 If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father's commands and remain in His love.

Well, if we learn contentment and that 10th commandment that speaks of  "be happy with what you have and don't want other people's things" we can abide (stay, remain, hold fast, not waiver, to wait for) in that love. Things can be so much more than stuff, I think it can even be found in comparison of "us to them" kind of thoughts.

Favor is all about timing.  It can be favor with God or man, but the Word tells us God doesn't show favoritism (Romans 2:11).  

 Don't get lost in life's circumstances, remember you are love, you are not forgotten and God's favor and timing is perfect.

Hold fast and tell your soul (that may be wrestling with this) to pipe down because
 God's got you!

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Bird's Words said...

this is beautiful and insightful, Kimmie. Thank you for sharing these words! love you, friend!

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