Jul 22, 2014


Four years ago my oldest fell in love with a fine young man, who happened to go to our church and just so happened to be leaving for boot camp.  Our lives became a sudden whirlwind of events, as so often happens with the suddenlies of God.

After a year of long distance courtship, they picked a wedding date.  It was all fast and furious, due to the fact that our fine young man was about to deploy to Qatar. 

A beautiful homemade wedding happened in the beautiful girl's Grandparents garden. The very blessed parents got to keep their first born-homemade daughter for 6 months, whilst her beloved was off serving our country under blistering heat.  

we took her to the airport and kissed her so-long!
Many tears came, as the troop of us said our so-longs.
We had never been separated for longer than a mission trip or an adoption pick-up...
so this was going to be stepping into new territory for all of us.

Would they come back??  Would they reenlist?  Would we get to grow along side of each other serving God, as the vision her parents had been given so long ago?

we don't know all the details yet, but we do know that today


they will drive up our long gravel driveway and begin to unpack their lives into ours.  We will welcome them back with glee...our homemade and our son-given!  We have moved and rearranged, so they could find a haven beneath our shingles, while they job hunt and prepare for the coming new adventures that God has awaiting for them.

Am I excited?  With tears in my eyes this Mama says, "Oh, yes!!"

Finishing the last minute details of house arranging and then waiting for the gravel to sound the arrival, as they drive the U-haul and tandem vehicles up the long drive and into our arms.

God is so faithful...thank you for sharing my JOY!!


Lisa said...

I can tell you're over the moon with joy. Wonderful!

Tammy said...

How very very very wonderful, Kimmie! I'm so happy for your mother's heart (and your entire family) as they settle in close by.

Tammy ~@~

Anna said...


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