Aug 20, 2014


your witness,
 your profession (of faith),
 your confession (to what you have experienced)
your declaration (manifestation)
It is your story!

It isn't just knowledge, it's about sharing your relationship (Jesus + you) with others.

Ever have something continually pop into your head (heart)?  Well, for the past few weeks God has been depositing "testimony" into my spirit.  When this happens I always begin to look around me and to ask the Holy Spirit what it is in it that He wants to teach me. I dig in deeper and open up my bible and study tools to get a deeper and clearer understanding of the word itself (and the meaning within the word!)  I listen and look for the word or deed being done.

So in pressing in to understand testimony, 
 I have discovered a hidden gem. 

I have shared my faith many times over the years, a few times behind a microphone, in group situations, one on one situations as the Lord led me and on this here blog.  But never did I truly understand the impact and power that is within each of our testimonies.

  As we share, it releases the power of God to go out and to reach the hearts, minds and souls of those who have ears to hear.  It can change lives, open doors and bring others to greater faith, never mind to salvation!


This year for our homeschool (and also in our regular family devotion time) we will be pressing in to learn HOW to share our testimony.  We will be jotting down our thoughts, which in turn will lead us to share our testimonies with each other.  Like all things, practice makes perfect!  (not saying that in any given situation that you can't just spontaneously share your testimony, but I am saying that with practice you will be more confident and clearer with what you are trying to express).  

This in turn will give us MORE opportunity to let God open doors for us to minister to others for Him!  Even the smallest child can do this (and so can YOU!)

I feel like God is asking me to be 'the poster child of testimony.'  Perhaps, in me sharing it with you, that God will begin to stir your heart to share your testimony with others.  Perhaps you have, perhaps you haven't done this yet. 

Wondering how many of you have officially shared your testimony with someone?  

Was it recently or do you too need to dust of your story 
and get ready to willingly and joyfully share it!

Revelations 12:11

They defeated him because of the Lamb’s blood
and because of the message of their witness.
Even when facing death
they did not cling to life.

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