Sep 9, 2014

Homeschool (and Parenting) Wisdom

Slow down.

Do less.

Breathe deeply.

Choose to be present.
(which means not half present, 
not multitasking,
 not keeping an eye on your Pinterest
 or email
 or texts.
And certainly it means that phone 
shouldn't be an extension of your arm!)

Make a list of things that you would like to do together.
(then do them...
one at a time
 in a slow chew your food,
 so you can savor it,
 kind of way!)

Hug your kids.

Kiss your kids.

Make food together.

Go on a picnic 
(you can even do it in your living room floor
 when the weather just isn't quite outside picnic worthy!)

Do messy and not so messy crafts.

Go to the library...
you will never regret time spent together gathering books.

Read together.  
(sprawl out together in one room. 
 Tea and snacks make it perfect!)

Enjoy the outdoors.

Go for a walk.

Go for a hike.

Go in search of something new.

Get in the car and take an old fashioned ride...
like we did in childhood before gas prices were so outrageous. 

 Choose to live extravagantly just for a day.

Reach out and be kind to someone who needs it.

Find an elderly person to befriend. 
 It will mean the world to everyone involved.

Don't become overwhelmed and lose focus that your time is short
 and slowing down actually reduces stress.

Say no to activities.  
Weed down to the ones that are necessary.
Be brave and say no to them for a season. 
 (trust me you will live!)

Thank God for what He has given you.  

Pray together.

Teach them to love God.  To love family.  To love others.  

Read your is full of wisdom.
Teach your kids to read theirs each day
 and tell them it is God's love letter to them 
and to you!

Childhood is fleeting.  
You blink and your kids are grown-up.  
Make a decision to live in a new slow downed pace...
and in it I promise you that will find joy unspeakable!

If you are a new homeschooling parent I welcome you to your new year!  
Don't be afraid!
Enjoy it. 

 I encourage you to stop and ask God to speak to your heart.
  Ask Him to help you keep it simple and learn to love the spot He has you in.
*If you are a parent minus the homeschooling.  Ditto!

Remember...children grow so fast. 
 Be intentional in how you live out their childhood
 and your days as their loving parent.


Bird's Words said...

Saying "No" to things has been my lesson. This is a season of that for me, and it's a hard one. There are so many things I want to do and be a part of. But my first ministry is my home, and if I'm not doing that in the way God has called, then the rest is no good either. Thank you for this reminder that I'll be ok.

Greta Jo said...

Amen! Thanks for the reminder.

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