Feb 3, 2015

A Great Understanding of The Gift of Tongures

The Gift of Tongues

Are you willing to spend 12 minutes on hearing a teaching
on the Gift of Tongues?  Would you humble yourself and ask God
to open your heart to understanding?

 John Bevere's teaching on the Gift of Tongues is the best and clearest I have ever found.  I hope it changes your walk with God.  That is why I have this blog, to offer what I know, in hopes that it will impact your life for the glory of God. God is so big and there is sometimes things He has for us, that honestly, we just don't understand.

I love you and so want you to be blessed and have all the beautiful gifts that God desires for you to have.

If you would like the Closed Caption option...
click on the bottom of the video where the cc symbol is offered.

So what did you think?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, Kimmie. My husband and I watched it together. We both agreed that it was very good and I found it very timely for myself. I really feel that the Lord has been asking me if I trust Him enough to allow an out pouring of His spirit. I have felt so much like John Bevere described "standing in the river" but not letting it move me. I was raised in a religion that didn't embrace an outpouring of the Lord' spirit. Jesus has had to work hard to shake my complacency from me. But thank goodness for His mercies and not giving up on us! I am eager to watch more of John Bevere's preaching! Thank you so much again for posting it! The Lord most definitely intended this for me. God bless- Amy

Kimmie said...

Hi Amy!!


Hey...I found a book that will help you understand what the gift of the Holy Spirit is (and how to get it). R. A. Torrey 1910 The Person and Works of the Holy Spirit. The entire book is great, but chapter 20 really clearly defines the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or the Gift of the Holy Spirit, as it is sometimes referred as. I wish all Believers would read this book. I am not kidding! The writing is a little bit King James-ish, but not too hard to grasp.

If you have a Kindle it is a free App. Go to the app store and look under free Kindle apps.

If you don't have that option, I think you can buy it for $6.99 without a Kindle at the app store.

However, if you have a computer it is a book that is in the Public Domain (free book). Just type in gutenberg.org. and then search out the book. Or type the book Title and author and also public domain, it will bring you to a link.

Praying for you and your husband Amy!! Thanks so much for letting me know what is stirring in your heart because of this! So very happy and excited!!


and P.S.- John Bevere is an awesome preacher/teacher. Much wisdom to share with the Body of Christ. He is just bubbling up with the Holy Spirit's giftings!

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