Apr 26, 2015

On Being Transformed...

(I love this picture...it is totally random,
 but so are some of my thought I share later in this post...)

Prayer Request Sunday

Here I am.  Here you are too.  Glad you stopped by, how was your week?
Can we pray about something together and see if we can take some of the heaviness or burden off your heart and put into our Father's hands together?

God is so amazing. 

 I was ministering Saturday morning with Sparrow Ministries and was just so filled with joy as I did.  What a privileged to follow God and to do what He is doing. 

 I was so blessed by a woman named Raven (not her actual name). Raven is near 70 years old I'd say, and suffers from health issues and has had many hard past life situations.  She was hard and tough to say the least.  Many were afraid of her and found her too difficult. God has been transforming Raven through love. He broke of so many hurts and has begun to heal her in so many ways!!!!

 Raven just amazed me, as she came to apologized to me for calling me a, "Jesus freak," so many times.  She saw it now as "persecution," and wanted to tell me how sorry she was for that.

 a bit of background:

 After I would talk with her, boldly sharing Jesus, she would turn and mock me to others (which included one of my daughters who had grown to love Raven and my Knight, who happened to also minister here.) "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...she just says it too much!" she would say.  We laughed it off, as my own children say, "Mama is always calling out to Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" (I do this if there is sudden need and I want Him interceding for us or in an urgent situation.  I am a woman of prayer and know who it is I need to call to.)

I had been sharing God's love for her, but never really felt like she was really listening or open to the gospel I was sharing. Raven picked at the breakfast food we gave out each week and let me sit with her from time to time, but I really felt like so little was making it to her heart. I gathered it up in prayer, as I know it is power to us.   God's Word never goes forth void.

  One morning she shared she had a dream that was really bothering her.  I told her that sometimes God had allowed me to interpret dreams and perhaps I could help her understand what it meant.  It was amazing what transpired next.  She gave me the details and the Lord quickly deposited meaning into the pictures she had held since the dream.  The dream was about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  It was about her need to see Jesus for who He is and her need for Him to be her Lord and Savior. Raven didn't like Jesus and didn't believe He was part of the Trinity.  She listened to the interpretation, but still seemed to not really want to take anything from me, whether it be friendship, the gospel or dream interpretation.

I think the only reason she listened to me at all is because I told her earlier, that I too had Native American blood flowing through my veins (Blackfoot).  She as a Native American was okay with God, but not with Jesus.  She drew from that until God began unraveling the pictures He had spoke to her in this dream.  

Several weeks went past and I hadn't gone to minister.  When I came and plunked myself down next to her, as she ate her pancakes, she said, "Look at me closely, do you see anything different?"  I studied her, and other than she no longer looked angry, she was radiating light.  She began to giggle. 
(which isn't her at all!)

She blurted out, " I am a Jesus person too.  I asked Jesus to forgive me and I am a Christian now.  Hey, I got baptized. And I found this little church and the people are so helpful to me.  I am learning so much about Jesus!  I am telling everyone I know about him.

You could have blown me right over.  I think I was laughing and crying at this point- I am sure I let out a shout of victory as well!!  

My friend Raven is transformed.  She is being transformed.  God's Word does that for us and to us.  He does it to us, if we let Him. 

 I want to be transformed, 
I am being transformed as I give Him my life.

We gave Raven a large print bible with Jesus' words in red. She had asked me weeks before for a Bible she could read.  When I bought it, I had prayed over it.  I asked God to use it to help her understand who it was that Jesus was.  But the day I gave it to her was the day she announced that she had found HIM.  She cried as I handed her the Bible and clutched the handwritten card with Jesus and all His many names on the front, to her breast.  She said this was the best thing that ever happened to her.  Funny how I thought when I chose the card that I might just get punched by her for it, now she wanted to frame it and look at it daily.  How fast God can move and how transformed one can be by His love poured out and received.

Oh Lord, transform us and let us be more and more like JESUS!
Sharing this and hoping it draws you in deeper too!

God is so good!  He is amazing!


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Powerful story! Proud to call you "sister" ♥♥♥

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