Apr 27, 2015

Trying Something New!

Ever wish something new would happen...
it's spring and I am going to link up with 
 Why, well because it is good to try new things!

For Today... April 27, 2015
Outside my window... a gentle breeze is whispering through the old rhododendrons that sit affront my study window. The grass is beginning to green and the ruts in the gravel driveway are beginning to dry out in hopes of new pea-stone arriving for spring.
I am thinking...about listening for God's voice.  He gently woke me up this morning at 5 a.m. and we read 1 John chapter one and two together.  I am looking forward to rising early and listening for His sweet voice.
I am thankful... that after a course of 9 weeks with illness, that I am finally feeling stronger. Have begun to add homemade Kombucha and Kefir into my diet in hopes the probiotics and B-vitamins give me a much needed boost.
I am wearing... a turquoise zip-up, a black t-shirt and pair of comfy black leggins.  My ped socks started off clean and after several trips outside to the recycle bin...(I threw on my garden clogs) are now feeling less than pristine.
I am creating...a gigantic pot of vegetable stock with all the bits and pieces of veggies that I have saved over the past 2 weeks in  bags in my freezer.
I am going...into the woods later to drop off snacks to the 3 raccoons we raised 3 summers ago. They love snacks and we love to empty out all the leftovers that are past their prime.  I have a huge sack of bread ends and muffin bits that came from leftovers from feeding the homeless this Saturday.  My friend who runs clean up in the kitchen, always makes me a raccoon-to-go-bag. 
I am wondering...about a door God opened into prayer ministry at my church.  Is it finally the time that I can be part of the prayer team!
I am reading... Highly Sensitive  by Carol Brown.

I am hoping...for reconciliation with two friends.
I am learning...to keep my eyes and heart on Him and not on the circumstances that make me sad.
In my garden...daffodils are just pushing up. We are raking up the sleepy beds to put down fresh brown mulch.
In my kitchen... the school books are spread out over the table and counter; as three of my 6 children finish their lessons for today. The stock quietly bubbles its approval.

In the homeschool room...my oldest daughter quietly reads with her back against the pellet stove that is still running, though it be almost May! The others have dispersed to read with a cat or cuddle under warm fleece blankets.

A favorite quote for today..."Let me see, the rest of my life is open, I think I can fit you in."
A peek into one of my days...
One of my favorite things...quiet time with God and my journal; to capture what it is He wants me to know.
From the board room...
thinking it would be pretty in the garden.

Post Script:

How I love Pinterest...so much fun and such a simple way to relax. 
 As a visual person I love being able to gather information this way.
 Although I think you make better friends through blogs!

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