May 8, 2015


Just another spring day at our house:

My baby asked what she could do, as she had run out of ideas for the day.   I told her she could clean the windows to the porch.  She immediately ran to go get the tools needed. 

I sat down, first time all day and looked up to see her going at it very focused.  I stopped trying to suck up the quiet moment and thanked her for doing the windows for me.

She answered, "Oh, it is okay Mama.  This is my second favorite thing to do."  She set about still very focused on finding every fingerprint.

I asked curiously what was her first?  

"It's riding my scooter, but this is the next thing I love doing in the spring."

Oh my.  TOO sweet.  

Hope your day had a touch of sweet joy too!


The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

That is precious! She can have at my back doors! I have four doggie noses and eight hands that love to smudge it up!

Lisa said...

This is so dear.

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