Jun 24, 2015

Oh How I love Wooden Things

Show and Tell

Somewhere over time I have found it in my heart to fall in love with wooden things.  My knees grow weak when I spot a wooden spoon.  I love them even more if they have age and need a new home to call their own.  I try to imagine what their old life looked like, some had been hand carved and are really just bare bones in their construction.  I think those ones are my favorite, rustic beauty!

My family teases me in my silly wood fetish.  They wonder how many spoons one woman could need.  How many old rolling pins should one try to acquire?  Still they all reach into the drawer or jar (given to me by my oldest son as a gift) to get the one that feels just right in their hand.

On a recent trip my oldest son also came home with a stick that had the perfect shape to be coaxed into a handmade spoon.  He works on it as the spirit moves him, slowly it is revealing what was hidden for so long; it's need to be a ladle/spoon!  She isn't ready to be revealed quite yet, but her day will dawn here in a post soon enough.

The gift of trees bring me joy.  Just a small thing really, but I think simple pleasures are often the best.

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