Jul 8, 2015

What Do You See?

:: Hope::


I woke up this particular morning in an old country cabin in the Northern Woods, the cabin happened to be mine. Joy rose out of my heart as I embraced this new day that God had given me.  As my eyes focused on the surroundings I was drawn to the only area of light seeping into the cabin this early summer morning.  Though I had seen this so many other mornings of my life, this morning what spoke to me wasn't the beautiful blue sky or the front yard and its beautiful landscape.  It was the cross that became my heart's focus.  

How many times in our life do we forget the cross?  How many times, whether in seasons of plenty or during the seasons of hardship, do we see the cross?  Our soul (our mind, will and emotions) often want to take control and lead us down soulish paths.  If only when we looked around us we saw or were reminded of the cross and what Jesus did for us there; things would be so different in our spiritual walk.

We could see so much more of Him in our days if our hearts would begin with the cross.  If we would check ourselves to see if we have added Him in to our day or if we enter the day knowing He is already here and waiting for us.  He longs for our company, He desires us to walk with Him through our every moment.

How thankful I am that because of that cross and because of God's great love for me, that I can look at life through His window.  My soul can be transformed and I can become who it was that He is longing for me to become.  

It is a process this life.  But perhaps it is easier than we think, maybe it is just what we think on and what it is that is always before us.  We need to remind ourselves, we need to follow Him. He doesn't want to follow us, but wants us to see things through His heart and with the view of the cross permeating everything that our eyes and days take in.

My hope is in you Lord.  

What about you, 
what does it look like from your soul and spirit?



Leah said...

So happy to be your neighbor at Five Minute Friday. What a wonderful post on the perspective of the cross of Christ centering and permeating our everyday lives. The cross is such a shameful thing, Jesus despised it, yet transformed it into the single most recognizable image of hope.
Blessings and Cheers!

Amy M said...

Good reminder! The more closely we follow Him, the surer our hope. I've been in a season of learning more and more to look to Christ and depend upon Him, and it's brought light to my life I hadn't imagined.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Coming back by here to say hello in return - your neighbor over at FMF.

The work on the cross means everything to me and yet every thing I go through... sadly, it isn't always the most meaningful. Like I'd hope it to be.

Great reminder, great encouragement, here in your words, today!!

Denise said...

fabulous post.

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