Aug 7, 2015

Choosing the Here of Life

Here is my five minutes of thoughts, unedited to share.  

Our word is HERE:


In the midst of the weeds, here we find ourselves in the final stretch of summer. 

 Stores are beginning to send out their notices, reminding us it is time to gather our back to school items once again. Then they will begin to batter us with the next holiday or event and continue to try to entice us to live for that, instead of being fully here in our today. Here it is summer in all of it's glory and we are beginning to once again look at the
 'What's coming next.'  

How often do we live in what is not the HERE?  I know so often in my life I have got caught up in the very dangerous trap of looking ahead (or behind) instead of staying present in today.  

I am not saying planning or setting goals isn't good.  What I am trying to remind myself of (and you if you need a pep talk too) is that being HERE is important.  Living in today is what God is asking of us.  Doing His will NOW and His work today is what is required.

Here I am.  Pondering simplicity.   Happy to enjoy today.  Glad that homeschooling doesn't require much shopping. Not wanting to push it aside and hurry into something that isn't here right now.

Often one finds it hard to stay in the here and now.  So often we look back, or look forward and forget that today counts.  Today, is a full 24 hours of God given time that we can be.  It's a choice.  It takes effort to remain here, but I am finding that as I simplify life, it becomes easier.  Less clutter of life grabs at you when you can choose to live fully in today. 

breathe:: HERE I am Lord! 
 I am present and waiting for You!

Glad to be here and glad to breathe deep in the now of summer. Hope you find time to breathe deep too!



J Sparrows said...

Hi Kimmie--visiting from fmf :)

I've been seriously struggling with staying present in the here with Jesus/ To just breathe and not focus on the future or the past. This entire week has been sleepless & running to Jesus because the lies get so loud at night and then I'm straining to hear the truth. And then I sin & run back to him.This probably sounds loopy. Very tired.

Thanks for sharing this. <3


Denise said...

bless you dear.

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