Nov 21, 2015

A Walk Through a Cemetery

  There is a place I love to escape to on occasion, the place happens to be a cemetery in Spencer, Massachusetts. My Knight brought me there on a date, yes, really.  And I fell in love with the stones of remembrance that were so lovingly carved and left as a token of a life gone by.  Our first venture here was over 2 years ago, but because we both had grown to love Spencer, it was a destination of choice for the big surprise day.

This year I came once again on a special day, it happened to be my birthday.  My Knight whisked me away for the day and headed us for an adventure in Spencer. This year with a new camera in tow, a gift that took my breath away and put a new bounce into my step, I once again revisited this beautiful site.  The gift was a huge splurge, and will take a bit to figure out, but it would be embraced and enjoyed immensely by this photo-taking-Mama.

Now enjoy my brief walk through the was brief because the wind chill made it feel like 20 degrees out and my ears couldn't take more than a few minutes of this serene place of my heart. 

Oh how I love this place!

And just so you know, I asked if we could stop here on our way to lunch.  My Knight glanced at me sideways as he turned the car into the old cemetery, he might have been smirking.  He understood my itching trigger finger and waited as I walked amongst the stones, that were calling to me to be captured.

1 comment:

Rob said...

What a wonderful present Kimmie, and one you well deserve I'm sure.
We have a church here on the estate and sometimes I'm sent to do work in the churchyard and whilst there I often read the writing on the stones and wonder who these people were that walked this earth so many years ago. Maybe some even did the job that I am doing today.

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