Feb 22, 2016

Bits of Our Home and Life




Tobin James in a mood

Stringing popcorn for our tree

Christmas 2015: 'the tree that wouldn't die'

(we just took it down this past Saturday.  it was put up the day after Thanksgiving...it was still drinking water and not dropping needles)


tree type:  Concolor Fir 

Princess Mercy about to sing her solo


Prince Bonkie Singing worship


 A midwinter eve on our deck

In charge of  microphones


 The birthday girl

A visit in the barn from Nagybaba

a birthday girl

A youth leader inspiring others to dress-up for the occasion

hanging out at her sister's house

my son-in-love

my baby #1

Okay, this kind of catches us up into the New Year.  Now if only I can keep in the groove.  

Next post will be a cd giveaway...so if you have little people in your life, you might just want to keep checking in so you can be the lucky winner!

And p.s.- another courtship is well underway.  

We love you Adam!

A Day for Love

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