Mar 15, 2016

The Moose!

The Moose

One day I was driving along with my husband on a weekend getaway in New Hampshire, and low and behold there is a moose munching away in a field alongside the road. I was so excited I nearly jumped out of the car.  All weekend I had been asking where were all the animals, we had ventured off snowmobiling and hadn't seen nary a creature.  Just a minute before I had asked God, 'Why no animals?' and bam,
 'moose to order!'

 Now I know a few things about moose, one being to stay away from them. However, I needed to get a picture of her (him?) while the getting was good.  How often does one see a moose?  I needed proof and a little time to use my new camera on the capture of proof, that we had seen this grass munching, frozen faced moose.

Many cars passed us in our 15 minutes of trying to get close enough to said moose, without becoming an aggravation to it or accidentally freezing to death.  My brave husband got out of the car with me and we slowly crept down a ramp to a ledge that would get me close enough to pop off a few pictures.Yeah, that is love.  No one else seemed to care about us or this moose, they just flew by, as we nearly froze to death trying to get her to smile 
(I mean not kill us).

The moose immediately popped up from eating and gave me the eye.  She was a good 50 feet from us, but she was letting me know that she saw us and we better not try anything.   We definitely didn't try anything, but she wasn't convinced.  She couldn't take her eyes off of me, I felt loved.

We told her she was lovely and thanked her for the photo shoot before carefully climbing back up to the car.  My hands were frozen and I was sure that fur must be the way to go, as my new friend wasn't even shivering.  

She is pretty cute isn't she?

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Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

You got some lovely pictures, well worth those 15 minutes I'd say :). I am always cautious when on my morning walk with dog Jenny, I have come across moose in the fields. Usually they are more afraid of me, but every year there is something in the news about someone getting chased...and I always bear that in mind on my walks. Blessings, Pam in Norway

Karen said...

I've always wanted to see a real, live moose! :-)

Rob said...

It sounds like it was your lucky day Kimmie. Not only did you get to see a moose but one that gave you a smile and forgave your intrusion. I think perhaps it realised that you appreciated and respected it. Thanks for sharing the experience as I will never see a moose.

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